Indian GP officially back on October 30

Following the promised fax vote of World Motor Sport Council members, the original 2011 F1 calendar has been reinstated.

That means that India is now back where it should be on October 30, and Bahrain has of course disappeared.

The only problem now is whether India can still make that date, with human nature suggesting that they might have slowed down a bit when offered an extra six weeks of preparation time.

The FIA will thus now host its annual shindig in Delhi in December – for which 800 hotel rooms are booked – without an F1 race as a supporting act…


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7 responses to “Indian GP officially back on October 30

  1. Kedharf1

    I don’t understand .. why are you continuing to persist with asking whether India will make it? There are no indications that there will be any major delays!

    • Because a) I know how hard it is to build these places – and it’s about rather more than 5kms of track surface and b) the man who should know told me they could do with the extra time. Given that for a while they thought they had that extra time – and anybody would relax in that situation – they can only be worse off than before…

  2. P Smith

    India blew it with their ill-preparedness for the Commonwealth Games, one of the worst hosted CWG ever. Corruption, bureaucracy and incompetence were rampant and ruined those games, so why be surprised the same thing happens a year later?

    Just because they’re different sporting events doesn’t mean the comparison is wrong.

    • To be fair though private enterprise is behind the GP so there’s perhaps a bit more impetus do fo things efficiently.

      • P Smith

        The ownership may be different, but I’d wager the subcontractors and government bureaucrats were partially the same. It doesn’t matter how good the ownership is when labourers refuse to work or work efficiently, and civil servants are demanding bribes on top of bribes.

    • To be fair though private enterprise is behind the GP so there’s perhaps a bit more impetus to do things efficiently.

  3. jo6pac

    I hope India gets done in time but yes it’s hard to fathom how much work goes into building something from nothing. To me Korea wasn’t ready with all the support of the track but some how was able to pull it off, this year should be even better. I just wonder if there will be a race in America in 2012 and the date given the weather will Hot with Rain or just Hot.

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