Fernando Alonso: “We will wait for some mistakes from Red Bull…”

Fernando Alonso says that he and Ferrari have not given up on 2011, and will take things race by race instead of worrying too much about the title battle.

The Spaniard’s Silverstone win was the team’s first of the year, but he is still well behind in the table.

“Definitely there are difficulties to fight for this championship, with the points’ loss that we have now,” said Alonso in Germany today. “But we will not give up, we will try to win races, to wait for some mistakes from Red Bull. And we’ll see when the key point of the championship arrives if we are behind still too much or not. We’ll see.

“I think we are doing a good championship, we will try to keep doing the same. We have I think 52 points more than last year in the same nine races, so therefore we are improving our results and trying to do our best, but Red Bull was very, very dominant in the first part of the championship. Nothing we can do now, just work hard, and keep enjoying every Sunday. We’ll see at the end how far we are.”

Alonso reiterated that he’s in a position to take risks: “We will take race by race, risking every weekend. If I was leading the championship I would take more care, because you just need to finish races. Now I’m 90 points behind so every qualifying I will take risks on the lap to be as far forward as possible. Every start we risk, if one time if we have a bad start or a contact in the first corner, there is nothing to lose in our case. Strategy, for sure the same thing.”

Alonso said that the Silverstone win has given the team extra motivation.

“Obviously it was an important boost for the team because we had some difficult times in the first couple of races, and then we’ve been introducing new pieces on the car that some of them worked, some of them didn’t work. Now in the last four or five Grands Prix every part we put in the car is working fine, so this is definitely good news for us, not only for this year but also the future development for next year.

“Definitely I’m very, very confident now with the car, with the engineers. All the designers, all the aero people are very motivated now knowing that all the work they do day and night is producing good results in the car on Sunday.”



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3 responses to “Fernando Alonso: “We will wait for some mistakes from Red Bull…”

  1. Ahmed

    Adam, your article on Paul Warwick was simply outstanding. Thanks so much for sharing it with us .

      • Fulveo Ballabeo

        Likewise, Adam, your recent Jeff Krosnoff retrospective on Speedtv.com was also excellent. Chagrined that articles like these have to be written, but appreciate the first-class writing and great memories you shared. Sounds like that time in Japan forged close bonds amongst those who were there. You’re probably aware, but Marshall Pruett is in the midst of an equally moving four-part article series about Jeff on Speedtv.com. Thanks, again.

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