Mark Webber: “Drivers still don’t learn…”

Mark Webber was fourth in both sessions in Hungary today, despite running only 12 laps in the first session after a crash.

The 2010 Budapest winner ran wide and spun into the barrier on the opposite side of the track, wiping the front wing off the car. He missed the remainder of the session, but says he was able to catch up.

“My mistake, I got on the damp kerb,” said Webber. “In fact on the Astroturf, we’ve seen a few of those the last few years. Drivers still don’t learn, they still go out there and try and push! So I clipped the Astroturf and hit the barrier, but fortunately only the front wing was damaged.

“We recovered pretty well this afternoon, got a lot of mileage in, the car ran well. Obviously it’s a pretty tricky venue for tyres, and there’s lot of information to go through.

“It was a normal Friday, obviously congested into bit more of one session for me having just one run in the first session, but in general we went through everything we could.”

Webber said he was not surprised to see McLaren and Ferrari ahead of RBR at the end of the day: “They’re certainly performing pretty well, as they have done in the last few events. It’s no big surprise that they’re doing decent lap times. It’s a race between all of us.”


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2 responses to “Mark Webber: “Drivers still don’t learn…”

  1. Simon Benedict

    Red Bull drivers have an uncanny ability to do their crashing in FP1.

    Come on Vettel, do it a few times on a Sunday and give us back a thrilling championship!

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