FIA confirms 2012 F1 calendar

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has announced the revised 2012 calendar, which confirms that Turkey has been dropped.

Bahrain has become the fourth race of the year, instead of being twinned with Abu Dhabi, as Bernie Ecclestone recently told the teams. Having tried to put India in April Bernie has now moved it back to end of October, the date it has this year.

Spain and Monaco are no longer back to back, while as expected Austin is one week before Brazil, making for a huge logistical challenge for all concerned.

18/03 AUS Australia
25/03 MYS Malaysia
15/04 CHN China
22/04 BAH Bahrain
13/05 ESP Spain
27/05 MCO Monaco
10/06 CAN Canada
24/06 EUR Europe
08/07 GBR Great Britain
22/07 DEU Germany
29/07 HUN Hungary
02/09 BEL Belgium
09/09 ITA Italy
23/09 SGP Singapore
07/10 JPN Japan
14/10 KOR Korea
28/10 IND India
04/11 ARE Abu Dhabi
18/11 USA United States
25/11 BRA Brazil


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4 responses to “FIA confirms 2012 F1 calendar

  1. Mick

    Bahrain moved back to an early slot on calendar. I wonder what the political situation will be like. The promised reforms are not happening and many innocent professionals such as Dr’s have been imprisoned on ridiculous charges for such heinous crimes as treating injured protesters. My guess is that the race will go ahead, although I hope protesters (non-violently) make life difficult for the ruling minority.

  2. Zippy

    Hmm… Wonder if the BBC will take Australia live. On the one hand, it’s in a pig of a timeslot, and so not necessarily “worth” taking live, and on the other, it’s the start of the season and there’s no races in a decent timezone until Bahrain (Spain, if they don’t do Bahrain for obvious reasons).

    Australia, Spain, Monaco, Canada, GB, Belgium, Italy, Abu Dhabi, USA, Brazil; perhaps?

    • Martin,UK

      You are kidding right?

      Sky will get first pick of the races beyond the already agreed Silverstone, Monaco and Last race of season. BBC will get the races that Sky think will have even smaller viewing figures.

  3. Steve C

    Can’t wait to see the Formula One cars here in Austin in November of next year. The weather should be great (less heat) and the people here are really looking forward to seeing everybody come to town and enjoy Austin/Central Texas.

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