FondTech unveils electric single seater

Not everyone will find the FondTech E-11's lines attractive...

The push towards a future for electric racing cars continues to gather momentum with the announcement by FondTech of its E-11, described by the Italian company as the world’s first purpose-built electric single seater.

The car has been designed by FondTech boss Jean-Claude Migeot and his team with an eye on the FIA’s Formula E category, which has been proposed for 2013, but for which which no firm regulations exist as yet. Intriguingly, the E-11 features four wheel drive.

The company says: “The project can be traced back to early computer simulations carried out in 2009 before the project was officially signed off in May 2010. Since then CFD research has continued, a 60% scale model wind tunnel-developed and the chosen motor/gearbox assembly bench tested. Chassis manufacture has also begun ahead of the car’s first track test in January 2012.

“E-11 is intended to match the performance figures of current-specification Formula 3 cars over a 20-minute duration around any existing circuit in the world. It is the challenges posed by such figures, as well as the car’s conception as the first ground-up electric single-seater, that has seen the E-11 depart from established design philosophy.”

Migeot says that the clean sheet of paper approach made for an interesting challenge.

“With a reputation built on aerodynamics, this adventure into a new sphere of motorsport has allowed FondTech to develop a concept unencumbered by regulations but at the same time bound by the current level of battery technology,” said the Frenchman. “Range and weight were always going to provide our biggest obstacles which is why aero efficiency has played such a key role in this project.

“E-11 also includes a number of innovative features, like four wheel-drive, which we believe are essential to extracting the most potential from electric racing cars. Due to the limitations of existing batteries, and in helping restore motorsport’s value as the proving ground of tomorrow’s road car technology, it was imperative that our imagination was not restricted. I am hopeful the FIA will appreciate this pioneering spirit when framing their own regulations in the coming months.”

The company has released the following video which demonstrates that – thanks to the batteries being under the driver – the car has a somewhat unusual top heavy look to it…


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10 responses to “FondTech unveils electric single seater

  1. those cars sounds funny… I’ve seen one two weeks ago at Bavaria City racing in Rotterdam. it was an experimental Electric Formulec car developed with Mercedes GP: single seater, 300 bhp (0 – 100 km in 3 seconds), automatic. frenchman Alexander Premat had been invited to test it and said there is no engine sound and the car feels completely different.

  2. Jon Wilde

    strange looking, why not place the batteries in the side pods instead of under the driver?

    The rate of development in this area is going to be incredible over the next few years. I hope the FIA open up Motorsport regulations to allow sports to engage with change appropriately.

    If there is any money to be spent in the automotive industry, EV and the like is where it should be!

    If there is any money to be spent in the automotive industry, EV and the like is where it should be!

  3. I might just prefix this comment and state that I’m no aerodynamicist…

    Given the lack of regulations, maybe they could have gone a little more futuristic and adopted a canopy over over the cockpit. The raised height of the driver combined with the traditional driving position means they wouldn’t be able to see their front wing or even their tyres.

    A long, drooping canopy that extends down past the steering column might offer better viability. You’d think moving to electrics would negate the dangers of canopies due to less fiery crashes…

  4. I for one can’t wait to be trackside and witness the spectacle of milk floats charging round a circuit 5 or 6 times till the juice runs out. The sheer silence these things will make just WOW the crowds

    • Stone the crows

      No lie. If I wanted to see a race where all the cars are silent I would just go to a Soap Box derby. Come to think of it, the aerodynamics would be more unique and innovative too.

  5. Martin,UK

    I don’t understand the obsession with EV’s. They’re a fad and largely unworkable.Hybrid tech i’m 100% behind until the Hydrogen fuel cell is developed further. Pursuing purley battery powered EV cars is a waste of money, time and talent.

  6. iceicebaybe

    The back of the car look like the new dallara indycar’s

  7. Stone the crows

    That is either one ugly concept car, or the Blastolene brothers decided to build and entry for the 2012 Indy 500.

  8. Tom

    It sounds like an RC car.
    Kinda says it all 😦

  9. Jack Shaftoe

    On a good note, you’ll be able to hear the track announcer.

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