I didn’t help my friend Seb, says Schumacher

Michael Schumacher had an interesting response when told that Lewis Hamilton felt that he had interfered in the lead battle in Spain by letting Vettel through and making life hard for the McLaren driver.

“I don’t recall it,” he said. “And I don’t think it would make sense because I think I have a lot more… although Seb is my friend, but then Lewis is running a Mercedes engine and that’s obviously a lot more important to me, not that I try to favour or not favour anybody. No, that certainly must have been a misunderstanding, but not my idea. I try to keep out of everybody’s way and just do my own thing…”

Meanwhile Schumacher says that he has no idea how competitive Mercedes will be in Monaco, but believes that the way races have worked this year will give him a chance to make progress.

“Due to very different strategies that we apply this year compared to probably previous years. From my point of view I have absolutely no sort of feeling and understanding whether our car may suit this track any better than other tracks so it is going to be completely open.

“Tyres will certainly be the most important factor but I think if you have the right tyre and the right situation in place then it will normally help you. I have at least good memories when in one race I started last [2006] and went forward. So overtaking is a chance, yes it’s difficult, it is a challenge but it’s not impossible, and it’s certainly an extra help.”

Asked about what his first Monaco win had meant, Schumacher said: “It was 1994 and that was after the tragedy that we had in Imola. It was still with us in these moments so naturally emotions were a bit low. Nevertheless as I said at the beginning it is the most prestigious race you can win.

“In qualifying I just had a fantastic lap. It was spot on and that is a big thrill and if you can repeat this in the race, although we had a certain margin I think and I was relatively easy up front, so then you don’t have to but it is the ultimate accomplishment you can have from a race over here, no doubt. Has it changed something to me? I put myself into the record of being in a winner in Monaco and then it is all focussed for the championship and it is just a single event.”


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20 responses to “I didn’t help my friend Seb, says Schumacher

  1. tom baker

    If this is referring to the incident that I believe it is, Hamilton is nuts. Schumacher pulled aside and gave them both room.

    Hamilton needs to stop looking for excuses to explain away the way Vettel is destroying him.

    • Henry

      This definately is referring to that incident and Schumacher did block Hamilton. After he pulled aside to give Vettel room Schumacher drifted back towards the middle of the track and got slightly in Hamilton’s way. Fine it doesn’t look like much but Formula 1 has tiny margins between being fast and slow and in this instance Schumacher did enough to block him. Whether it was intentional or not is another question. Right as it happened i said to a friend that Vettel was let past easier than Hamilton was, i thought it was fairly obvious but i’d like to hope that he didn’t do it on purpose.

      And Vettel is ‘destroying’ him because he has a better car. Lewis was very competitive in the last race which shows that McLaren are closing the gap on Red Bull. Unfortunately i think Monaco will be an easy Red Bull top two. Hopefully i’m wrong and Vettel will stick his car in the wall, the championship needs it.

      • kevin

        Lewis Hamilton is suffering with a less competitive car…. vettel has the better car and thats a FACT… has for drivers Hamilton is the better driver than vettel and thats a FACT….. if the McLaren team sort the issues with Hamilton’s car things will change and people know it

  2. Jimmy Floyd

    I remember Schumacher being lapped by both leaders in Catalunya and thought he made life slightly more difficult for Hamilton than Vettel by virtue of making Lewis drive further around the outside. That said, it wasn’t a particularly serious incident and was probably just a mistake by the Mercedes driver. Goodness knows, it wouldn’t be his first…

  3. S

    From the actual quotes I’ve seen, I think the tabloids have taken a lot of creative license with this “Lewis is incensed with Schumacher” story. I dont think he’s as mad about it as the Daily Mirror thinks he is. It was the mirror that said he was angry, they used those words, he’s never actually said it himself. Non story.


    I do agree 100% with you on Lewis poorly excuse.I just hope that Michael can get back to his old form in racing.I will support Michael untill the end there is no doubt about it,i just want to see him back on top form and on the podum again.
    GOD bless and keep well

  5. James

    @tom Vettel is only winning because of that car, he isnt naturally that talented I dont think. Hamilton would be doing the exact same if he was in the Red Bull and I believe he is doing a good job of keeping up with him in a less competitive car. Vettel isnt destroying Hamilton, He’s been with him at every race challenging him. Realistically Hamilton is probably the only person on the field that can challenge him.

    • **Paul**

      I don’t recall Vettel griping about Trulli (??) holding him up at far far greater expense than Schumacher, who frankly did pretty much all he could to move out of the way.

      Hamilton should have won in Spain, the race pace of the McLaren was considerably superior to that of the Red Bulls, as Button proved by dropping to 10th and still beating Webber (who had KERS functioning…). That says a lot about Vettels talents to me, Spain was probably Seb’s 2nd best win(behind that pole/flag win in a Torro Ross). It reminded me of Schumacher and Alonso at San Marino in places.

      • matthew

        McLaren considerably superior to Red Bull in Spain Paul?
        Utter nonsense. They out qualified everyone by a huge F1 margin.
        Lewis is by far the best, most attacking, most exciting driver on the circuit. Vettel is good, but i have no doubt that in the same car he wouldn’t see which way Lewis went in 90% of the race calender.
        Even in Spain he luck on his side. The only two laps that Lewis (somehow) managed to stay with him through the high speed turns Vettel came across a back marker on both occasions that allowed him to activate his DRS.
        Even with 50 points advantage my money is on Lewis for the title.

    • William

      Grow up James, Vettel is the most talented driver on the grid. With misfunctioning KERS and DRS, he is still managing to win races. Hamilton only won his Championship because a friend stopped on the final corner to let him get the point he needed.

      Hamilton has the talent but is not turning this into wins. His car is pretty good but he is always looking for excuses. Vettel on the other hand just gets on with the business.

  6. bluebird

    Svhumi didnt block Hamilton on purpose he has his own race to run people should know better schumi is the greatest

  7. Senna

    I’m so disappointed not to see Schumacher at the front of the F1 races, and winning them that I couldn’t give a monocle of thought on what Hamilton says.
    I would think someone with that amount of talent would have the onus to take the blame on himself rather than visit illusions of grandure.
    As for Schumacher come on buddy I change the channel if you not doing well, so take it to the next level for your fans in Monaco.

  8. Steph

    I agree with S.

    The Mirror has created a story out of nothing here. In fact it’s hardly a story. All it tells us is that:

    ‘Hamilton is fuming that Schumacher blocked him to help his pal Vettel in Spain. But he said: “I won’t speak to him about it – I didn’t want to waste my time or my breath”‘

  9. Stone the crows

    “I try to keep out of everybody’s way and just do my own thing…” That’s pretty funny coming from Schumi.

  10. Michael Ryan

    Just saw a headline on BBC F1 site. ‘Lewis Hamilton angered by Torro Rosso drivers.’ Quote, ‘”They [Toro Rosso] let Vettel past and then they held me up,” said Hamilton. First Michael Schumacher now Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari are, apparently, also part of the world wide conspiracy to balk our plucky Brits hero’s ambitions. When asked about this suggested conspiracy among the Red Bull teams, Jenson Button commented, “They never have before, and it’s not the same team,” he said. “I think Buemi and Alguersuari would love to beat Sebastian and Mark. I’ve never had an issue before and I don’t expect to see one in the future.”
    Get a grip Lewis.

  11. Anill

    First MSC now the Torro Rosso cars. Make your mind up Lewis.
    Instead of whinging why don’t you just get on with it.

  12. Tom

    Interesting to see that Lewis has now started bleating about the Toro Rosso drivers.

    I like Lewis, but he needs to stop relying on excuses. Great drivers don’t make excuses about having no grip or being blocked, they get the fuck on with it.

    • Tom

      To follow up my previous comment, it seems McLaren have pretty much denied it. I’ll trust them over the Mirror I guess.

  13. SDA

    It not just Schuey he’s complaining about, Lewis has had a dig at the Torro Rosso Drivers aswell!!! (according to BBC F1)

    I think he would be better off concerntrating on why he wasn’t able to get past Seb on a clear track rather than blaming everyone else!

  14. Loti

    Poor old Lewis, now it seems that the Torro Rosso drivers are also favouring Sebastian and getting in his way. He even came up with a moment at Abu Dhabi last year, where, as far as I can remember, everyone was in everyone’s way. Starting to sound a little paranoid?

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