Vettel enjoying the Indian experience

Sebastian Vettel has joined the chorus of drivers who have praised the Delhi track after taking a first look around today.

The World Champion expects the track layout to generate overtaking.

“The circuit looks very interesting, very challenging,” he said. “It does have some similarities with Korea in some ways, but then it’s totally different again, especially in some corners you have a pretty wide entrance, which allows us to choose many lines and hopefully makes overtaking easier. But we have to find out.

“Some of the corners look spectacular, like Turn 10, a quite high speed and long duration corner, but you really need to feel it inside the car first of all. We had the possibility in the simulator to get an idea, but it’s different when you are on track.”

Vettel, who visited the Taj Mahal earlier this week, said he’s enjoying the whole India experience.

“I’m thrilled to be here, I’ve heard a lot of things, it’s supposed to be sold out, so that means a lot of people, and it’s always special to us. The moment you jump into the car and look around and see plenty of people, if they’re passionate and enthusiastic about what the drivers do, then our life doesn’t get much better than that.

“So far from what I’ve seen at the circuit, and also outside the circuit, it looks very interesting. The country is interesting, a lot of people – obviously! – it’s very different.”

Vettel said he enjoyed the Taj Mahal road trip as it gave him a chance to see more of the country: “It definitely brings your feet back on the ground in many ways, it makes you understand a lot of things. It’s an inspiration and it makes you appreciate things you take for granted much more.”

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