FIA confirms five second penalty and other F1 rule updates

The FIA has now formally updated the F1 Sporting Regulations with a variety of changes that came to light over the winter.

Among the novelties for 2014 is the introduction of a five second penalty for minor offences, which can be taken before work starts at the driver’s next planned stop.

The regulations say: “The driver must enter the pit lane, stop at his pit for at least five seconds and then re-join the race. The relevant driver may however elect not to stop, provided he carries out no further pit stop before the end of the race. In such cases five seconds will be added to the elapsed race time of the driver concerned.

Later they add: “Whilst a car is stationary in the pit lane as a result of incurring a penalty [as above] it may not be worked on until the car has been stationary for at least five seconds.”

The plan to stop drivers parking on the slowing down lap in order to save a fuel sample – which is unlikely to be necessary now anyway given that there is a strict limit of fuel usage for the race – has also been confirmed. However it also covers other eventualities: “Under no circumstances may a driver stop his car on the track without justifiable reason.”

Crew members now have to wear helmets when working on the car in the pitlane during qualifying, as well as in the races.

One interesting novelty involves a method for following drivers to recognise total rookies during testing away from race weekends: “Cars being driven by drivers who do not possess a Super Licence must be fitted with a green rear light which must be illuminated at all times the car is on the track.”

Finally the previously announced ‘doughnut’ rule has been confirmed, as winning drivers do not have to comply with the requirement to head straight to parc ferme. They may now “perform an act of celebration before reaching parc fermé, provided any such act: a) Is performed safely and does not endanger other drivers or any officials. b) Does not call into question the legality of his car. c) Does not delay the podium ceremony.”


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8 responses to “FIA confirms five second penalty and other F1 rule updates

  1. Jon Wilde

    I can’t imagine many teams encouraging it’s drivers to celebrate winning a race by doing doughnuts, with an allocation of 5 drive-trains per season the risk of damage is far too high!

    perhaps this will lead to some more imaginative victory celebrations….

  2. RoscoeDC

    Just imagine a driver doing a doughnut, losing it, going into a gravel trap and not making it around to parc fermé.

    That would finally get F1 some coverage in the USA…on the blooper reel.

  3. CTP

    Why reinvent the wheel? Isn’t a yellow square with black X across it the rookie sign? It was when I used to watch races at Ingliston 30 years ago…

  4. They’ll have to add “or her” in several places next year…or is Simona de Silvestro exempt from these rules?

  5. Stone the Crows

    What’s amazing is that they actually had to have a rule change to allow burning donuts in a race car. I like the idea of allowing 5 second penalties to be added to the finish time, that way I think many of these minor infractions will not ruin a race for someone as they have done in the past. Interesting they chose a ‘green’ light for the rookies. Green indeed.

  6. Mark Lanyon

    I remember at a Silverstone F1 test cars running green rear lights to signify non super license holders, that was in the days of Spyker F1. It is nothing new I don’t think.

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