Santa Kimi arrives at Enstone!

Boullier and Lopez with their early Xmas present!

Kimi Raikkonen made his first visit to the LRGP factory today and stayed on for the (somewhat premature) Christmas party, which provided him with an easy way of getting to know fellow team members.

“It is my first time in Enstone,” said Kimi on the team website. “So it is very nice to see the factory – it feels good. It is a very warm feeling and I’m very relaxed. I haven’t really read the newspapers about all the excitement but it is quite normal, isn’t it? It doesn’t put any more pressure on me. I always try to do my best, so I don’t put myself under pressure. It will be exciting, yes, but no pressure really and we will see how it goes.”

“I think we decided that we had to look forward in terms of performance and the key way to see how good a car is, is to have a good driver,” said Genii boss Gerard Lopez. “Kimi has proven in the past that he is among the fastest and in terms of age he’s still in his prime. In terms of motivation from what I have seen and spoken to him, he is probably as motivated as ever.

“And the more people question the better it is, because it is going to increase his motivation even more to prove that they are wrong. I’m excited that he is here because I think it’s one of the very important steps in getting the team to where we want it to be – which is one of the top teams in Formula 1…”


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8 responses to “Santa Kimi arrives at Enstone!

  1. Peter

    Adam, your article on on Kimi’s comeback is the most comprehensive and fair amongst all. Wish it was be published in Autosport or on any major European site as Kimi has received so much rubbish criticism recently. Thanks.

      • jo6pac

        Is there a link Adam?

      • melonfarmer

        Just like to add my thanks for the article.

        Shame that a lot of good guys have left Enstone since Alonso’s titles, but here’s hoping. Nelson Piquet turned in a pretty good performance on a $/pt basis in 1990 (for Benetton as it was with Flav) when he was considered washed up. I hope Kimi has a chance to shut the doubters up (particularly unfair after the icecream/coke incident).

  2. Brenda

    Completely agree with your article, brilliant work! Now if only other journalists have been as insightful as you have. I’m not saying this just because I am a kiminatic… I’m saying this because it was a convenient truth for Ferrari to get rid of Kimi to make way for Alonso. Alonso is also a great driver, but Ferrari did not have to resort to such tactics to make way for their new driver. It was rather tasteless… we shall see … now it’s gonna be a long cold winter waiting for the 2012 season to arrive, sigh…

  3. Looks more like an elf to us in that beanie.

    Must have been cold in there though, the bloke on the right is wearing a submarine commanders coat and a fisherman’s scarf.

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