RB8 designed in record time, says Horner

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is adamant that the team has left nothing to chance in the design and construction of the new RB8.

“This year’s car build has gone fantastically well, and I think it’s the epitome of continuity, continuity across all areas,” said Horner. “I think we’ve designed and built this car in a record amount of time, in a ridiculously short amount of time.

“Adrian’s never famous for his drawings being early, but the design team, the production teams, all the associated departments that go into producing these cars, have delivered, and delivered in a fantastic way. We’ve hit our target of being at the first test so, despite the snow over the latter part of this week, I think we’re in great shape for the first test.

“The roll out of a new car is always filled with great anticipation; it’s almost like going back to school for a new school year. Of course, you’re keen to see what your rivals are doing (and) of course they’re looking to protect the secrets of their car also. Pictures are scoured over; we’ll all be looking at what rivals have been doing over the winter. It’s the longest time we spend away from each other, from Brazil to the first race, but we’ll be very much focused on our own performance.

“We’ll be looking to sign off the first systems checks to make sure the car is performing and working in accordance with how it was designed and get those checks out of the way. We then get into testing proper, because we have a very short amount of time this year – only three tests that are split with only one car between two drivers. It’s a short amount of time and only offers a few days for each driver, before starting on the grid in Melbourne.”

Horner said that RBR’s target for 2012 is clear.

“The team’s goals are quite simple. It’s to try and defend both titles in the manner (in which) we achieved them. Of course, when you’ve achieved what we have, particularly in 2011, we’ve set a very high standard for ourselves. But, we’re always looking to improve, we’re always looking, in all areas, to try and do better.

“We can’t control what our opponents do, we’re up against some formidable opponents, but we can only really focus on ourselves and only when we get to Melbourne will we truly know where we sit against our rivals.”

Horner conceded that there will be strong competition this season.

“I think on the grid this year we’re going to have six world champions, and McLaren have a strong team, they’ve got strength and depth and two world class drivers. Fernando Alonso: everyone knows his capability, and Ferrari also being a great team.

“We have Kimi Raikkonen coming back as well; Mercedes also look like they’re going to be competitive, so I think Formula One is set for an exciting year and at Red Bull Racing our goals and objectives are to try and stay ahead of our rivals and build on the success that we have (had) and build on the lessons that we’ve learned in 2011.”


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2 responses to “RB8 designed in record time, says Horner

  1. Stone the Crows

    Newey’s also been on record preferring revolutionary desings over evolutionary designs, in which you spend hour upon hour developing one winlget or a slight change to a bargeboard. But given how far ahead they were from virtually everyone else last year they probably don’t have to do much more work than adapt the RB7 to the current regs and fine tune the rest. Just thought Adrian might have come up with a more elegant solution to the nose height change than this.

  2. Either McLaren has it right, or everyone else has! We wont have long to wait to see who is right. Just check the f1 speak in the various press release’s.

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