Perez on Maldonado: “He’s just a very stupid driver…”

Pastor Maldonado was fined €10,000 and given a reprimand by the FIA after his contact with Sergio Perez at Silverstone.

Both drivers had just made their pit stops when they collided as the Sauber tried to go around the outside of the Williams. Perez retired on the spot.

There has long been some tension between the two Latin American drivers, and Perez added to it in the aftermath of his retirement, saying of Maldonado “he has no respect for other drivers” and “he is just a very stupid driver.”

Maldonado insisted that he has simply lost control on cold tyres.

“I was on the inside of the corner, so the corner was mine at that moment,” he said. “He tried to close on me a bit, we were side-by-side, so close, and at that moment I lost the rear of my car and I just touched him.”

Asked about Perez’s comments, he said: “He’s always crying. In Monaco it was a normal incident. I think we need to value where it’s intentional and where it’s not. For sure it was clear it was not intentional.

“I’m looking forward to the next race and he can say whatever he wants. We are racing, you know, both of us were trying to do our best in the track. I was trying to defend a position, he was trying to gain the position, and this is racing you know. Otherwise everyone can race with the safety car, and it’s safer.”


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19 responses to “Perez on Maldonado: “He’s just a very stupid driver…”

  1. Steve W

    Neither driver is doing any credit to themselves with this war of words. It will be interesting to see how the FIA handle this – and which driver “grows up” first.

  2. Steve W

    I actually have sympathy for Perez on this. Most drivers race wheel to wheel cleanly, but whenever maldonado is involved it results in two damaged racing cars. Pastor may be fast, but his race craft does not belong in f1. I feel he was very fortunate to escape further punishment today given his record in front of the stewards this season. Surely a suspended ban would have made him think about his actions on the track in future

  3. Go_For_Pole

    A ban for what?! Perez chose the outside and if you do that you should know that you rely on the other party to collaborate. And actually Maldonado just clipped a kerb while trying to give him room. He would be excused to drive Perez off the track by taking a wide line (as this the norm nowadays) so I can not see why should he be crucified for a racing incident.

    • Claidheamh


      This might be just a racing incident, sure. But how about the incident in Monaco? Spa last year? When have you seen Pastor scrap for position cleanly?

    • Just like the outside he chose in Valencia. Or was it the inside? Nevermind, just bump the other car off anyway…

    • De

      What??? Perez was already ahead, so Maldonado couldn’t take the wider line, otherwise he would have fallen further behind/been overtaken. He clipped the curb trying to keep up with Perez, he was never intended to give room!

  4. David Aberdeen

    The problem with Maldanado’s action in this corner is that he was not able to hold is line (at that speed on those tires), so instead of slowing down to make the corner, he chose to use Perez as a bounce board. I would have thought the stewards would discourage this with more than a fine.

  5. verickq

    Maldonado is a bad driver, he always are cracshing with the other drivers, maybe he must go to nascar or another kind of car crashing championships, i don’t know, in Valencia he did the same with Hamilton think about it..

  6. Enrome

    Let’s see. If Monaco’s incident was “normal”, why the penalty for Maldonado?. If today was a “normal! incident why the fine? why the reprimand? If Valencia’s Incident with Lewis was a “normal” incident, why the penalty? Maybe the answers are that Maldonado has a different “normal” rating than all other drivers any category, the FIA, The Stewards and millions of fans worldwide…

  7. Luis

    Pm, there is always an excuse you know …by your standards is a “racing accident”….but man, you make too many of them. You do not have any racing etiquette. Have you had a chance to check on the early race video? Did you see PER making some bold moves ( to move 6 places up) on better drivers than you and they conceded the position to him… With no stupid excuse Like “i lost my car”. You know that is BS. you just ran wide on purpose….

  8. Dave In NZL (now Aus).

    It is worse for Maldonado to refer to himself as being incompetent rather than malicious, don’t you think?

  9. Paul32

    That Maldonaldo is a loose cannon. He might be faster than his teammate but he’s DUMB.

  10. Tom

    It would be best for Pastor to have some races without incident to calm things down. He is clearly going for all or nothing right now. Having said that I completely agree with Go_For_Pole: Perez left no room and when you want to overtake like that, you put yourself at risk. Pastor is the biggest positive surprise of the year. Winning in Barcelona in an inferior machine was Ayrton-like.

  11. Pastor is the one who seems to be stupid out of these two. The way he went into that corner, he’d probably have gone off even if Sergio hadn’t been there. That he would then blame Sergio for his own error – and be rude about his character to boot – is disappointing. Such behaviour is unbecoming in a top-level sportsman, regardless of the series.

    Pastor needs to have a good long think about his behaviour, and the stewards should be ready to intervene to assist that process as necessary (most drivers would have got a drive-through for Pastor’s actions, and the equivalent time penalty would have been appropriate here).

  12. I think Pastor is unlucky here. Clearly he, like Perez was on cold tyres, Perez tries it round the outside, Pastor is leaving him room (and Perez would have made the move stick) but Maldonardo got some oversteer that he has no choice but to correct. If he doesn’t do it he takes Perez out, if he does he takes Perez out. Yes, technically it’s Maldonardo’s fault, but that was just really bad luck for both drivers. It’s a pure racing incident, and Perez I hope was just sounding off before seeing the footage. It reminds me a lot of the Vettel Button incident at Spa, Seb dropped it that day in error and hit JB. It happens to the best of drivers when racing, and in most cases they’ll get away with it as someone isn’t 4ft to their right hand side. To start talking penalties for this incident shows a complete lack of understanding about motorsport in my opinion.

    N.b. for intentional incidents (of which neither of the last two have being) I would throw the book at Maldonardo!

  13. Maldonado is fast but reckless and I would like to see him out of F1, It’s not just this season but last season as well he went for these silly moves.

    A lot of people talk about how young drivers forget about how dangerous F1 can be because there are so few accidents but I think most do realise and respect the cars they are driving but I don’t think that is the case with Maldonado as was shown clearly at Spa last year.

    This weekend you would think it would be even more clear in drivers minds how dangerous an F1 car can be, but Maldonado must have known when he left it so late to brake what was probably going to happen, although once you make contact with another car you never know exactly what will happen and that is where the danger comes in.

  14. CTP

    the problem is that maldonado took the corner too fast because he could see perez was going to pass him… that’s just the same in my book as going too fast and ramming into the side of perez, for example.
    maldonado wouldn’t have made the corner even if perez hadn’t been there, and he wouldn’t have tried to go so fast round it if perez hadn’t been there.
    100% culpability for maldonado and totally reckless behavior.

  15. Stone the Crows

    It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’ve crossed the line from ‘competetive’ to ‘overly agressive.’ Looked to me like a racing incident, and the slap on the wrist for Maldonado indicates that it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to run Perez off the track, but rather a warning to use better judgment.

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