New Jersey promoter “proud” of slot on 2013 calendar

Grand Prix of America promoter Leo Hindery Jr says he’s proud that the New Jersey race has appeared on the FIA schedule published today.

However he made no comment on the ‘to be confirmed’ status, or Bernie Ecclestone’s recent claim that no contract exists at present.

“I am proud that years of hard work have brought us to this point and we look forward to bringing world-class Formula One racing to New Jersey,” Hindery said in a statement from the venue.

“The support we have had from elected officials like New Jersey Governor Christie and the mayors of Weehawken and West New York, a committed property developer and a great management team has been incredible. They have stuck by us through this process and we owe them our thanks. The Grand Prix of America will be a special and historic race for New Jersey and New York, for the drivers and, most importantly, for the dedicated fans of Formula One racing.

“I became a racer very late in my life. But if you’re committed, passionate and have a great team of people behind you, you’re on the road to success.

“Formula One’s president and chief executive officer, Bernie Ecclestone, has set the highest possible standards for the drivers and their teams, fans, sponsors, and the region we call home. We won’t be satisfied until those standards are met.”


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2 responses to “New Jersey promoter “proud” of slot on 2013 calendar

  1. CTP

    he makes it sound like he’s almost dead

  2. what’s that slurping sound?

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