Jenson Button: “Over one lap we’re still lacking”

Jenson Button is optimistic about McLaren’s prospects for the Korean GP weekend, despite Red Bull’s ominously fast pace in FP2 today.

Button finished the afternoon session in fourth place, but he was almost 0.4s off Sebastian Vettel. However the McLaren race pace looked good.

“We’ve made progress definitely from this morning,” he said. “I wasn’t entirely happy. But also this morning was mostly testing new parts, making sure everything was working correctly, it wasn’t about set-up work. This afternoon on the low fuel and the high fuel we’ve made good progress. Still not quick enough, but I feel that we’re going in the right direction.”

Button was impressed by the pace of the Red Bulls.

“I think they are going to be very difficult to beat in qualifying. They seem to have that strength back. Our race pace today seemed to be competitive, over one lap we’re still lacking, so it’s an area we need to work on. As I said the direction that we’ve gone with the car and the adjustments we made are positive, so there’s still more to come.

“At the moment it doesn’t look like we are as quick as the Red Bulls, but it’s only practice. Our race pace feels good, forgetting the lap times, our consistency is good.”

Jenson admitted he hadn’t found the best compromise for the track’s mixed character: “Not yet, if you have a look we’re very slow in a straight line in sector one, we’re about 8kph down. It’s a tricky one to know which direction to go with that and how much downforce to run for the rest of the circuit.”

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One response to “Jenson Button: “Over one lap we’re still lacking”

  1. Blackstar

    Over 1 Lap, he will be forever lacking, 1 pole in 3 years what a joke,
    He is the most overrated British driver the world as ever seen.

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