Domenicali upbeat on Alonso title hopes

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali says that Fernando Alonso is still in the championship fight despite losing the lead to the on-form Sebastian Vettel in Korea.

Domenicali pointed out that two first lap accidents have contributed to Alonso losing the lead, and it’s not just been about a loss of performance.

“First of all we need to stay very cool,” said Domenicali. “Don’t forget of the last five races we have not raced in two, so the situation in the championship would be totally different if we were not out at the first corner. Don’t underestimate this important factor, in the light of the championship. Unfortunately this may have a heavy effect, although let’s see what is going to happen at the end.

“We have seen for example one of our main competitors [McLaren] very, very strong up to Saturday, and today in the race had a different pace. So things can turn up in a different way very quickly.”
He added that the team has to keep up in the development race, which Alonso has suggested Ferrari has been losing.

“For us for sure the objective is to make sure that we deliver to Fernando the best car that we have, first of all in terms of reliability, second to make sure that what we have is the right choice in terms of package, and third to make sure that the next races – as I’m sure Red Bull will try to do – to bring the developments that will let the car doing the right step in the right direction, because the Red Bull that we have seen on the last couple of Grands Prix was for sure very, very strong.

“As I said the championship is very, very long. It will be a very tough and sporting challenge up to the end, that’s I’m pretty sure of.”


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2 responses to “Domenicali upbeat on Alonso title hopes

  1. He seems to have forgotten that Vettel has had two retirements as well, through no fault of his own (and one in Malaysia which was his fault.

  2. Peter

    Ahh…..but at least by his final quote he has ruled out chance of any unsporting, time wasting, slur type allegations against championship lead team. And all others…..

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