Concorde on way after “constructive” meeting, says FIA

The FIA says that its crunch meeting with the teams in Paris today was “constructive” and an “important step” towards securing the future of the World Championship via a new Concorde Agreement.

A short statement from the FIA tonight read as follows: “During a constructive meeting, Jean Todt, the FIA President, in co-operation with Bernie Ecclestone, the Commercial Rights Holder, has presented to all F1 Team Principals the new structure of governance, including the new conditions of entry for the Concorde Agreement, starting in 2013.

“All the participants in the meeting were encouraged to seek clarification which resulted in a fruitful and helpful debate on how the new structure would operate in 2013 and beyond.

“A further important step has been achieved today to secure the future of the F1 World Championship which should lead to a final settlement to be reached between the FIA, the Commercial Rights Holder and the Teams in the coming weeks.”


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2 responses to “Concorde on way after “constructive” meeting, says FIA

  1. Natthulal

    Now the question is since how many weeks before Bernie and Luca (M) back track on the agreements in this meeting.

    Ever since the consensual announcement of 2014 unified engine regulation of V4 turbo ( as recommended by committee including representatives of F1 teams) and Bernie/Luca M forcing Jean Todt to withdraw the regulation and come up with V6 turbo, I have stopped anything that comes out as consensual decision from FIA, teams and commercial rights holder.

  2. They’re pushing the envelope here (and there), but the FIA-teams interface needs optimising, there’s also a window of opportunity for the Commercial Rights Holder to maximise profit margin of the overall package. It’s a challenge but, for sure, they’ll come together (in glorious joy) to sign the aforementioned agreement, y’know, yeah.

    I’m sure it’s my stupidest comment in 6 years of blogging. I’m impressed.

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