Fernando Alonso: “We are fighting against Newey’s car…”

Fernando Alonso says his target for the Indian GP is to beat the McLarens put pressure on Red Bull.

He also made it clear that it will be an uphill struggle against a car that is now clearly the class of the field.

Alonso will start the race from fifth, a position with which he is very familiar this season.

“At the moment I think we cannot do anything more than this,” he said. “When we had a similar car to everyone I think we were leading the championship, now that we are fighting against Newey’s car, let’s say, because they are first and second in all the races, it’s not only Sebastian. At this point there’s very little to do on Saturday. Normally on Sunday we improve things, we are likely to be more competitive.

“The target for tomorrow is to arrive in front of Sebastian, how we do it is not easy, but we need to do a good start, overtake the McLarens, and put pressure all the race to the Red Bulls. I think if they have an easy race it will be the worst conditions for us, so I think we need to put pressure on them.”

In recent races Alonso has made it clear that he’s been disappointed with the lack of progress with the F2012, but he now says that the situation has improved.

“We’re working hard, we brought some new parts here and they work quite fine. We are relatively happy with our progress, but in the two weeks I think the others did also progress, or even more than us, so it’s time for us to work and bring in Abu Dhabi, USA and Brazil something more clever.

“I think we are doing our maximum all the championship, and it’s no different now. Today fifth is like a normal position behind the two Red Bulls and two McLarens, but then when qualifying arrives you have to do it, it’s not so easy. The Force India, Kimi, they were quite fast all weekend, so a little mistake you can end up eighth or ninth, and the race is more difficult. So fifth looks disappointing, but I think it’s a very good starting position.”

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One response to “Fernando Alonso: “We are fighting against Newey’s car…”

  1. That’s spooky, creepy, etc.. I hope the car’s name is not Christine this year (Long Tall Sally or Lovely Rita maybe?). Come to think of it, Alonsó is the one driving “a lone bright red and white fury” as an unknown Wikipedia author puts it. I think Fernandus Magnus was just getting into Halloween mood, he’s a kidder, y’know, for sure; either that or he’s having nightmares where “whatever-Vettel-called-his-car-in-2012” is trying to steal his title.

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