Lewis Hamilton: “I’m so excited for tomorrow’s race…”

Lewis Hamilton was in a bullish mood after qualifying third in India, and the McLaren man believes he has a real chance of challenging the two Red Bull drivers ahead.

Hamilton is hoping to bounce back from his run of three disastrous races, all of which were impacted by reliability issues.

“Third is a great position to start from, I’m so excited for tomorrow’s race,” said Hamilton. “Especially as our long-run pace seemed to be relatively good, compared to the others. I think Ferrari potentially have slightly faster pace overall, but we don’t know what fuel they’re on.

“Otherwise we’re all very, very similar. Hopefully, if we can get a good start and have a good right with these guys in front, hopefully it’ll be a better race than the last one we did.”

“I’m just looking forward to a race where we don’t have any issues, and can just fight for position and try and get some good points.”

Meanwhile Hamilton was full of praise for the Buddh circuit: “I think this track is incredibly challenging for all of us. The more and more we drive it, the more and more we realise that, and that’s what makes it a great circuit. Not everyone’s able to get the first lap [right]. It takes a lot of focus and it takes a lot to get a whole perfect lap together.”

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