Raikkonen to miss the last two races

Kimi Raikkonen will miss the US and Brazilian GPs due to surgery on the back problem that reappeared over the Singapore GP weekend.

Finnish paper Turun Sanomat revealed today that the Lotus driver has opted not to compromise preparations for his return to Ferrari in 2014.

“Kimi will travel to Salzburg on Thursday and the operation will be carried out Thursday or possibly Friday,” his manager Steve Robertson told this writer. “The doctor treating Kimi has already worked on Kimi’s back issue in the past. Having had cortisone injections in the back  already this year and due to the discomfort of being in continuous pain it was felt there is no alternative to delay the operation.”

Inevitably there will be speculation as to how his decision reflects his pay dispute with Lotus and the deterioration in his relationship with the team, especially since the Indian GP controversy. He currently lies third in the World Championship, just eight points ahead of Lewis Hamilton. If he drops out of the top three he won’t have to attend the FIA prizegiving ceremony in Paris in December.

“Kimi had two successful years returning to F1 with Lotus,” said Robertson. “And it would have been nice to secure another top three position in the drivers world championship and to have help the team fight in the constructors  championship.”

It remains to be seen who Lotus opts to hire for the final races.


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12 responses to “Raikkonen to miss the last two races

  1. And here is Scuderia Ferrari with a broken car, starting 2014 with two world champion with broken backs.
    Ferrari fan for life 🙂

  2. Steve W

    Never mind Kimi not getting paid this year… Back surgery is something not to be taken lightly.

  3. peterg

    I agree, back surgery is serious for his ongoing career. I know there will be those who will claim his no show is due to his unpaid salary, however,there is no way Kimi would leave himself open to a legal suit for breech of contract.

    Who is the Lotus reserve driver?

    • Stone the Crows

      Not to fuel a conspiracy, but consider the fact that Lotus owes 15 million to a man (signed to Ferrari) who could have helped them beat Ferrari for third in the constructor’s championship, and subsequently get prize winnings that would otherwise go to Ferrari. I would suspect that the difference between 3rd and 4th in constructor’s points is more than 15 million.

      • peterg

        You make a good point about constructors points over the last two events and the dollars earned. I imagine Kimi has little sympathy for the team, and who would blame him.

        Will Lotus be as competitive next year, how much money has been invested in developing next years car? If they are too short to pay their driver I assume the development budget is being squeezed as well.

    • jo6pac

      I would think Lotus is in breech of contract at this time and if he isn’t paid in the near future the lawsuits will follow. I had hopes for Lotus but with the lawsuits on who owned the name and now this, it’s to bad but don’t care anymore.

      Hopefully Ferrari can deliver a real car to AF and the Ice Man.

      • peterg

        Jo6pac, I am intrigued by the Kimi-Alonso combination next year. Who will have the upper hand qualifying? Who will be better on his tyres? The intricacies are astounding, two WC’s at the top of their game, both motivated to do nothing but win. Perhaps there will be no definitive ‘winner” with race results swaying from event to event, or one driver coming out on top over the year. Not to mention two totally opposite personalities.

        Lets just hope Ferrari can provide a car worthy of their talents.

      • GeorgeK

        @ peterg; And BOTH drivers with potential back problems to boot!

    • Chad

      I’d wager Kimi has a “physically unable to perform” clause in his contract. Most sports contracts do. If Lotus tries to sue, Kimi will point at his back (or perhaps a bit lower).

  4. When RAI had his off in Abu Dhabi, I had the distinct feeling for some reason that this would be the last time we’d be seeing him for the last time in F1.

    Can’t see the reason why, I just had this thought.

  5. stone the crows

    Can’t imagine pulling the kind of “G’s” that Formula One drivers experience and have a persistent back injury. If the only way you can sleep is with painkillers then its well past time to have surgery. Hope it goes well, and he is completely healed and ready for the 2014 season. Most importantly I hope he has no long term problems.

  6. GeorgeK

    I suspect the surgery could have been performed post season but Kimi has no obligation to endure discomfort or the possibility of further damage for this team. The perfect “out” for him.

    Hoping the surgery cures his back problems.

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