Prosecutors ready to accept Ecclestone payment

Bernie Ecclestone’s trial on bribery charges looks set to end with the Munich prosecutor accepting a payment of $100m from the F1 boss.

German law allows cases to be settled with such an agreement, while taking into factors such as Ecclestone’s age.

The trial, which began in April, related to allegations that Ecclestone bribed banker Gerhard Gribkowsy with a $44m payment.


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23 responses to “Prosecutors ready to accept Ecclestone payment

  1. Let’s get this straight.

    The German prosecutor agreed to drop allegations of *bribery* by accepting a *payment* from Ecclestone meanwhile the man who accepted the bribe is currently sitting in jail as a result of that crime.

    Lesson learnt kids – make as much money as you can at the expense of everything/everyone else, not even the legal system can touch you..

  2. Mick

    Ending a case about bribery by accepting a payment is more than a little ironic. Doesn’t really seem like justice being served.

    • Bjornar Simonsen

      +1 This is why the world is as it is. The rich ones get away. The commoners will always be at the loosing end.

    • Zippy

      Yeah, it does seem like Mr. E is bribing his way out of a bribery charge, doesn’t it? Especially since, if didn’t think he was going to be found guilty, why try to settle THIS far into the trial?

  3. Off Track

    Well, I have just watched the news clips.
    I for one am happy to congratulate Bernie on his successful visit to the barbers and a very neat trim of his Beatles circa 1965 haircut.

  4. Lars

    Say what you want, it is a very F1 solution to the situation. Not to mention oh so sleek in design… like a Newey penned race car.

  5. GeorgeK

    Isn’t there something inherently wrong with the super wealthy allowed to BUY their way out of a jail term? Maybe the settlement sum will also buy amnesty for Mr. Gribkowsky and get him out of jail as well.

    Having said all that I still need to confirm if Mr. E has to plead guilty to the charges? Or are the charges being reduced to a lesser crime??

  6. Is the $100 Million dollar fine not the same amount paid by McLaren Mercedes a few years back for the infamous Spygate scandal. There must be a few smiles from certain people knowing Bernie got hit where it hurts him the most, his wallet.

    • LRMann

      $100 million is pocket change for Bernie. Barely buys one of the houses he’s given to his daughters…

      • petes

        May be true but how is it relevant?

      • Lars

        Petes- It is relevant to paxdog57 comment that with the fine “Bernie got hit where it hurts him (Bernie) the most, his wallet”. $100 million is a drop in the bucket to Bernie…

      • petes

        Lars, anyone with even a remote interest in F1 would be aware of that.
        How is it relevant?
        Answer: It’s Not.

      • Lars


        Sorry dude. You make zero sense so zero point in continuing. Your grasp of logic simply escapes me.

  7. Fulveo Ballabeo

    Wealthy? Commit a crime, pay a minor “tax”, guarantee your freedom, avoid jail-time, return to your life of luxury.

    Best case: get away with. Worst case: see above.

    In the world of risk/return, that’s a no-brainer.

  8. peter g

    Yep, $100 million, that will hit Bernie where it hurts. Good to see justice was swift and fair.I also note the remorse and contrition demonstrated by Mr E.

    Good grief!

  9. Don Davis

    “advanced age” of the defendant!!! The German justice system is sure compassionate. I was looking forward to the little troll eating beans and sausage in the slammer for a few years. Oh wait, that means I’m not compassionate.

  10. Tony Dowe

    I bet there are quite a few members of the fourth estate that have been rubbing their hands at the thought of a new boss in town, only to find its the same old boss they are going to have to deal with the next time they want a credential.

  11. Barry Gardner

    In court charged with bribery of an individual and gets off by bribing the court! This is wrong in so many ways!

  12. GeorgeK

    If the prosecution asked for this deal due to a lack of PROVABLE evidence then shame on them for bringing the charges in the first place.

    How can you convict the recipient and not have the evidence to nail the provider????


  13. stone the crows

    100 million is about 1 percent of Bernie’s assets, and the amount is a sign of good old Teutonic pragmatism. It would have cost the German government at least that much to put this very wealthy octogenarian behind bars and thy undoubtedly know that Bernie has the means to hold this up on court until he’s lying in a mausoleum.

    • GeorgeK

      Good point on the trial cost, tho I can’t see how it could cost $100 million. Which opens the door to the question of how much did the prosecution spend to get this far in the trial?

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