Stefano Domenicali: “We have the luxury of having Fernando”

Stefano Domenicali says that Ferrari will do everything it can to take the fight to Red Bull until the end of the season – and stressed that having Fernando Alonso could make the difference.

Alonso is 13 points behind with three races to go, and while Sebastian Vettel has momentum on his side, Domenicali cautioned that anything can still happen.

“I’m always optimistic,” said Domenicali. “In life it doesn’t change if you are negative, it doesn’t give you points, so if we keep the right approach to the guys I think we can maximise what we have, and this is what I’ve asked of my people.

“When you are fighting you have to use the tools that you have, and you have to be brave to use the things that you have in the best way that you can. And then of course there are also the others that are fighting and we need to respect them, but for sure their life will be not easy to the end.”

He confirmed that the team is still planning to bring upgrades to the car.

“What I said to my people is try to do the best and we see if what we can do is enough to make sure we can close the gap. It’s obvious we are fighting for a championship and we try to improve everything at all levels, and this is the approach without going into the specifics that we will bring not only to Abu Dhabi but also up to the end of the championship. The only thing we can do at this moment is to do that, and don’t forget that in any race everything can happen.

“We know that every race everything is a bit different. It is clear at this moment that Red Bull has a better car. We need to work hard, full stop. By saying they are stronger we don’t change the improvements that we have to make in house.

“I said to my guys that in 1982 in the World Cup of football our team was not for sure the strongest, but we won the title. We have the luxury of having Fernando with us, who is the number one driver. It’s something we will do and fight up to the end.”

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One response to “Stefano Domenicali: “We have the luxury of having Fernando”

  1. Hmm, I mean, don’t Red Bull have the luxury of having Vettel? Who is, by ze vei, the number one driver too. Plus, a stronger supporting dude, Webber, who can easily take points away from Alonsó – boom! Fernandus can use all his talent, no matter how big it is, but in 2010 a simple yellow and black car was enough to de-talent the talent.

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