Felipe Massa: “Bringing points is always positive”

Felipe Massa’s upswing in form continued in India with a sixth place, achieved after a race long battle with Kimi Raikkonen.

Massa, who didn’t have all of the updates that were used by Fernando Alonso, was also told to save fuel, which wasn’t easy given that he was under pressure the whole way.

“I think it was a very difficult to save fuel with a guy very close to me all the time,” said Massa. “I didn’t even drive on Friday on the long runs so I think I didn’t have much chance to have the perfect set-up for the race.

“But anyway it was not easy to save fuel, and for sure some performance I was losing. It was good that Kimi’s speed was not strong on the straight, I think that helped me to be in front.”

Kimi did briefly get ahead after the pit stops, but Massa ended up in front again after some quick thinking in the DRS zone.

“I was a little bit clever at that time, because I went out of the garage, I was in front of him in corner one, and I was able to stay in front. Then I let him past for corner three because I wanted to charge the DRS. And then he understood too late, he even braked to try to be behind the line, but I braked more, and I had the DRS and I passed him again. I think that was definitely a positive move.”

Meanwhile Massa is hoping that he has a full set of upgrades for Abu Dhabi.

“I think anyway the race was OK, bringing points is always positive. Hopefully we concentrate and bring more new parts on the car. I didn’t have everything compared to Fernando on the car, but I hope we have everything ready for the next race.”

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