Fernando Alonso: “It was a perfect qualifying for us…”

Fernando Alonso was surprisingly upbeat after qualifying only seventh in Abu Dhabi, insisting that he had got the maximum out of the car today.

Alonso starts four places behind title rival Sebastian Vettel.

“It was a perfect qualifying for us, we did the maximum,” said Alonso. “We went through Q1 OK, through Q2 OK. Then I did 41.5 in Q2, 41.5s first attempt in Q3, 41.5s second attempt in Q3. That’s the limit, and I think we struck the maximum again.

“The car was good, we are seventh and ninth, the three laps were perfect. If there are people faster than us we need to see and we need to accept it. There is nothing we can do and we need to work hard for the next one.”

Regarding Vettel having a less than perfect day, he said: “Always these things help in terms of championship hopes, but it’s better if these things happen on Sunday not on Saturday only. There are still three important Sundays, there are 75 points to play, and hopefully we score 14 more than him.”

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One response to “Fernando Alonso: “It was a perfect qualifying for us…”

  1. Andy Wong

    One thing I like about Alonso and Hamilton, they tell you when they think that the maximum has been extracted from the car and that it cannot go any faster. Those are really bold statements that tell you absolute confidence in their abilities but they can do that cause they have already proven that they are the fastest amongst the fastest.


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