Vettel sent to back of Abu Dhabi grid

This is what the stewards had to say about Vettel

Sebastian Vettel will start the Abu Dhabi GP from the back of the grid after being excluded from qualifying.

The decision could turn the World Championship battle on its head.

Like Lewis Hamilton in Spain this year, Vettel was in affect accused of stopping on track at the end of the session without good reason in order to ensure that he had a fuel sample for scrutineering.

However the team was able to convince the stewards that it was a case of force majeure, unlike what  happened with McLaren in Barcelona.

However he did not have enough fuel in the car for sample and that led to the penalty.

Vettel had originally qualified third behind Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber, and the decision means that title rival Fernando Alonso moves up from seventh to sixth.

Speaking to the media after qualifying, Vettel had said: “I don’t why I was asked to stop. I think probably some problem. It shouldn’t be something major.”

Vettel had endured a scrappy session, in large part because he did hardly any laps in FP3 due to brake problems.

“Obviously this morning wasn’t ideal, not being able to run,” he explained after the session. “So we didn’t get probably the answers that we were hoping for. Nevertheless, this afternoon we were settling in quite well and the pace was there, but I think as Mark touched on, McLaren, in particular Lewis, are pretty quick. So they were out of reach today.

“I’m not entirely happy with my qualifying, the last part of qualifying was quite tricky for me. I think I should have been a little bit quicker, whether it would have been enough to beat Mark. Obviously he’s on a different sheet of paper, but all in all I think we can be quite happy. Race pace should be good tomorrow. As we know it’s a long race here and there’s a lot of things that can happen, so looking forward to tomorrow.”


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4 responses to “Vettel sent to back of Abu Dhabi grid

  1. Mick

    Well as Alonso said in his interview with BBC today, it was time for the luck to change.

  2. moreofthebore

    I would be interested to know the explanation for the problem & why it was accepted as ‘force majeure’

  3. It’s not nice (using Iceman’s slang) when the championship is determined by political stuff, weird. Ferrari curfew thing looks more suspicious to me than RBR issue.

    And yes, Iceman for the win.

  4. Ian Parsons

    ‘Different sheet of paper’. So pray tell me how one interprets ?

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