Glock on way out of Marussia?

A split between Marussia and Timo Glock will be announced as early as Monday, according to Germany’s Bild newspaper.

Although there has been no official word from either party the paper quotes Glock as saying “I have had a great experience with Marussia F1 for three years, and we part in friendship,” adding that he will look for “new challenges.”

Glock was due to be heading into the fourth year of his relationship with the team and the only conclusion can be that it has had to take a driver with sponsorship rather than continue to pay Glock’s salary – a scenario similar to that playing out with Caterham and Heikki Kovalainen.

It remains to be seen which drivers are on the short list to join Max Chilton. Glock meanwhile has a relationship with BMW going back to his time as an F1 test driver, and could yet find a berth in the DTM.


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2 responses to “Glock on way out of Marussia?

  1. I see it’s a day of question mark posts here?

    Not a huge fan of Tim O’Glock myself but it’s a shame. You can’t blame smaller teams though, it’s a matter of survival, theys needs cash.

    I’m sure stuff like this is hurting F1’s image big time because – and I have to confess here I’m now starting to understand Maximus the Great Mosleymus – you can do interesting things on a much smaller budget. Revenues can be increased from the sport by embracing the internet fully, horses for courses of course, maybe old-fashioned TV broadcast and selling rights ain’t broken, so why fix it? Unless you end up with a full grid of Pedro Diniz-ish drivers, that would be a crime. Petróleos Tinpotktu Racing is the clear favourite this year, well ahead of Tetraphone Bueno GP, VIPs in VIP areas in the paddock are excited.

    Adios, Timo-igo, hasta la vista in DTM, baby!

  2. petes

    Sad for Glock if true, but he’s had a couple of lifelines and proven to be little more then a field filler…..?

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