Former Red Bull chief mechanic Handkammer joins Tesla

Former Red Bull Racing chief mechanic Kenny Handkammer has taken up a new role with Tesla Motors.

After 25 years of F1 he has become Global Director of Service Training for the electric car company, and will be based in the USA.

Handkammer previously worked for Benetton and later Renault, and contributed to the 1994 and 1995 titles won by Michael Schumacher. He remained with the team into the Alonso era.

He was an early recruit to RBR, and was a key player in the team that won eight constructors’ and drivers’ titles with Sebastian Vettel. However, he left RBR last October.

“I believe I had the best years in F1,” he told this writer. “We won 13 world championships with the best people in the sport. I wanted a new challenge and I’m now with one of the biggest innovators with road cars ever.”


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5 responses to “Former Red Bull chief mechanic Handkammer joins Tesla

  1. F1 fan

    I wonder if this is partially due to all the acrimony between RBR and Renault?
    Whatever the reason, I wish him well. He was always down to earth on tv.

  2. Peter Kakkoufas

    8 Constructors Titles ???? Really

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