Mark Webber: “Overall, a pretty good day for us…”

Red Bull enjoyed a good first day in Barcelona, with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber securing first and third spots respectively after their runs on the medium tyre in FP2.

Webber, who always goes well at the Spanish track, was pleased with progress.

“It looks reasonably tight,” said the Aussie. “We had a good time on fresh tyres and enjoyed it and then we go out and drive around and save tyres, the less enjoyable part of the job! But anyway that’s what we’ve got to do. We couldn’t have got much more out of it today in terms of info considering the first session was a bit scrappy for everybody because of the weather. But overall, a pretty good day for us. We’ll find out on Sunday.”

Regarding the problems caused by the mostly wet first session he said: “I think that we had a few things to test from an aerodynamic perspective, we would have liked two 90 minute sessions, so we had to smash it into one, so that was a little bit tight for both cars.

“But in the end we got through most of it, I think. Some of the items might have dropped off, we’ll go through it tonight and have a look at what will stay on and what won’t, and then go through the normal tyre stuff.”

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