Perez is too aggressive says Boullier

Lotus F1 team principal Eric Boullier was in the unusual position on Sunday in Monaco of criticising a rival for causing a collision while defending his own driver for doing the same after two separate incidents.

Boullier joined the growing chorus of critics of Sergio Perez after the Mexican hit the back of Kimi Raikkonen at the entry to the chicane, giving the Finn a puncture that ruined his race.

“I think he tried once,” said Boullier of Perez. “And obviously if you look at the video he was attempting a very, very late braking, obviously misunderstanding the braking line of Kimi, so that was I think a little bit too much. He nearly crashed into his team mate in Bahrain, and it looks like we see he’s trying too often to be too aggressive, and to attempt something which is most of the time impossible to do.”

Meanwhile Romain Grosjean was given a 10-place grid penalty for Montreal after hitting Daniel Ricciardo under braking for the chicane. Grosjean carried on for a couple of laps before retiring, but had he continued a little longer he would have got a drive through penalty, and his Canadian race would not have been affected.

Grosjean was quick in Monaco but he had a huge crash at Ste Devote on Thursday followed by a near repeat on Saturday morning. After getting out late in Q1 he lost out in Q2 when he was caught behind Ricciardo

“It’s always the same story, especially in Monaco,” said Boullier. “He had the pace, we could see it, and it’s even more frustrating because of that. Thursday’s accident didn’t help, but it happens.

“Obviously the rest of the story went worse on Saturday morning, building up his frustration. Ricciardo didn’t allow him to complete the Q2 like he should have done, and he ended up 13th on the grid.

“I think we just need to cool him down and have a proper discussion when we are back in the factory. It’s not a worry, he did a great job over the winter and fixed all the problems he had last year, so I think there’s some frustration sometime when he knows he can be fast and he just needs to build himself.

“He is fast and he can deliver some big results. He did it in Bahrain and he was on his way to do it in Barcelona so it’s just using the momentum and making sure he’s back on track with the real expectations.”


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9 responses to “Perez is too aggressive says Boullier

  1. I still have doubts about Grosjean finishing the season, what about Heikki?

    • stone the crows

      Thinking the same thing, Lotus is deeply into the red, they can’t afford a driver who stuffs his car into a barrier twice every race weekend. Speed is important, but he’s been give more than a second chance. I suspect his services will no longer be required, of course it depends on what is contract says too.

  2. Alex H

    Lets see, a Principal Team, that criticize Checo , but give excuses about Romain?? , it is a joke, if we change the colors of the cars to be neutral, over the scrutiny of any F1 driver, who make a worse mistake? Give me a break Eric, that just does not make sense! , Checo make a mistake, but how can you describe the accident caused by Romain?, we just need to calm him down?? Are you serious?

  3. Aljo

    Pot, kettle, black

  4. Wil

    I have to agree with Eric B. Perez is good but since switching to McLaren he’s been to aggressive on track. I know he’s trying to prove himself and all that and to extent he’s trying to fill Lewis Hamilton’s shoes. As we all know that Lewis is the pass master, but does it fairly.And Perez has been in Formula 1 long enough to know that he has to take his chances fairly so.

  5. Gman

    Adam, could you please share what is your thinking about Future of Maldonado, Grosjean, and Perez ? Y think you guys are always a step ahead because you hear many rumors even prior to posting in your blogs.
    Thanks in Advance!

    • Good question! Maldo is safe as long as there is $$$ behind him and Perez is there for the long haul, notwithstanding a little controversy in some recent races. Grosjean has to be under a pressure again, although he too comes with a commercial angle in terms of Total. I think Valsecchi is a good driver but is’s a big ask for him to step in if asked. The other guy floating around is Kovalainen, if Lotus felt he could do a better job.

  6. Gman

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Which drivers other drivers you outlook will be leaving F1 in the next 5 years ? and which would be your predictions ? Webber, Button, Massa ? I know many teams would love to have them but probably too difficult because their Pay Checks ? Do you see Kimi and Alonso probably 5 years from now? Why don’t you write a new article about it… media has been so bored after Monaco if not for Pirelli-Mercedez notes. Thanks!

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