Video: The Ferrari F1 team makes dance music (feat. Rob Smedley…)


Spanish musician and producer Carlos Jean, also known as Mr Miracle, was given access to Ferrari’s factory and the Fiorano test track to record the sounds of the Italian F1 team in action. He’s now managed to incorporate what he heard into a dance track – with Rob Smedley (who else!) starring on vocals.

Here’s a taster of it…



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7 responses to “Video: The Ferrari F1 team makes dance music (feat. Rob Smedley…)

  1. Don’t think it works very well, to be honest.

  2. Brace

    Is this like one of those motivational tapes, for boosting self esteem, where a voice keeps telling how good you are, backed by a non-intimidating music? Sounds like a perfect tape for Massa. 🙂

  3. stephengreen

    What a load of rubbish. The charts won’t ever be troubled by it that’s for sure.

  4. CC

    Santander’s tribute to Ferrari,
    Here’s the full tribute

  5. I liked it a lot, but then I’m a fan of electronica in general, (in addition to more civilized genres of music). bravo!

  6. Just curious – to those who do not like the “Forza” song ‘Santander’s Tribute to Scuderia Ferrari,’ how old are you, and do you now or have you ever enjoyed electronica or eurotrash dance music? Genuinely would like to know (and see anecdotally if that informs whether or not someone likes the full video/song ( Cheers!

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