Ferrari/RBR: Young Driver days should be Pirelli test for race drivers

Christian Horner and Stefano Domenicali have both suggested – completely independently – that at least part of the Young Driver Test at Silverstone later this month should be devoted to working with Pirelli and current race drivers.

The test is enshrined in Sporting Regulations as being for rookies, but given the FIA’s desire to resolve the issue, that could be addressed.

Such a test would not of course involve Mercedes, given that the team has been banned from taking part.

“There happens to be a test here in three weeks,” said Horner. “At the moment it’s scheduled to be with young drivers – maybe it should be open to current drivers or test drivers that can give some decent feedback. And Pirelli should use it to test the rubber on a track where they’ve had some issues.”

“It’s something that we have to work together as the F1 world to solve this issue,” said Domenicali. “I had an idea – that of course we need to discuss in the next days – that we have a test here in Silverstone, supposedly with the young drivers.

“And Silverstone is a track that is very demanding for the tyres, in terms of stress, and we can really be ready to do something during these days to solve this issue, and I would say also with the racing drivers, because this is something for them that is also very important.

“So I can guarantee to you that from a team point of view we are totally open to trying to find a solution, because we all benefit from a solution to this issue.”


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7 responses to “Ferrari/RBR: Young Driver days should be Pirelli test for race drivers

  1. …..because a tyre test involving current cars and current drivers would now be ok, eh, Stephan.
    It’s funny how politics some times almost perfectly switches in a matter of days…..

  2. Merc is banned from the young driver test, not a tyre test. Guess they could push the issue if they wanted to.

  3. LMS

    Should they test with racing drivers it will not be fair, because rises a question: straightaway: how is Pirelli able to cope with ten teams at a time to make such a test get them at least close to three days of testing alone?

  4. CTP

    It’s a fair suggestion – to tire test – but no real reason to have to use race drivers to see if the kerbs still cut the tires open, is there? In fact, working under the direction of the tire supplier could be an additional valuable young driver learning experience.

  5. ronmon

    Just scrap the young drivers’ test completely (or give them one day at most). Then run a tire test using the regular drivers with all the teams except Merc. They already had their exclusive test.

    The idea is so logical that FIA probably won’t even consider it, but it obviously needs to be done. The facilities are already reserved and the teams have allocated the resources. How much simpler could it be?

  6. SuperSwede

    The no testing policy is rubbish, bring back the testing, the young driver test is a joke, Gary Paffett is hardly young, and won´t ever get a race seat in the McLaren.

  7. **Paul**

    I think this is a very sensible idea, the logistics are already in place for this. Thus the plan of action I would take is:

    1.) Take 2012 tyres to German GP to guarentee safety and ensure that we don’t have drivers refusing to race or getting injured.
    2.) Attempt to fix 2013 Tyres at Silverstone test with current/test drivers – all teams bar Mercedes.
    3.) Give teams extra 2013 tyres in Hungary for FP1, make a call about if the new ones are safe to use for an extended 1.5 hr FP3 and in Q & R.
    4.) Utilise nominated tyres for the remainder of the season.
    5.) Start racing again.

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