Button worried about ride height on Singapore bumps

Jenson Button is confident that McLaren will have a “reasonable” weekend in Singapore, at least in terms of the team’s usual 2013 form.

However he cautioned that managing ride height could be a problem, since all season the team has found it hard to run the car low enough to be aerodynamically efficient.

“We haven’t driven high downforce for a little while,” said Button. “Hungary we did, and we had a good package on the car there. But the problem was that with the package that we had we had nowhere near enough front end to put into the car so we couldn’t benefit from the downforce we put on the car. Now it’s a different situation. I do feel that we should be alright here, I’m quite excited about driving it.

“The only thing is we’ve got to be careful with the ride quality of the car, because it’s very bumpy. That’s obviously been a weakness over the whole season, really. It has got better, and we just have to hope that we can put the car somewhere in terms of aerodynamics that keeps us off the deck, because that causes us a few issues. If we can do that then I’m positive that we can have a reasonable weekend. It’s never going to be a good weekend at the moment, but I think it can be reasonable.”

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