Team bosses say 2014 engines will still sound good

F1 team bosses say fans should not be concerned about the sound of 2014’s turbo powerplants – and that F1 has to ensure they make an acceptable noise.

Dyno recordings issued by manufacturers – most recently Honda – have led to considerable debate about the importance of engine noise.

“Well, for sure, the element of the engine sound is very important, no doubt about it,” said Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali. “But on the other side we need to say that in the last couple of years we’ve moved from V12 that was a fantastic engine for Ferrari with fantastic high revs, high frequency, to V10, then to V8.

“Now we’re going to be V6 with turbo and then it’s just a matter of fine tuning the noise – I mean the sound, apologies for the wrong word – and then of course that is vital for the show, above all for the people who are coming to the track, because unfortunately you don’t feel it too much on television.”

“Noise of a Formula One car is part of the DNA of Formula One,” said Red Bull’s Christian Horner. “When people come to a Grand Prix for the first time, the thing that really stands out more than anything is the noise. Noise translates into speed, into excitement and so on, and I think it’s absolutely crucial that we don’t lose that element. We have to reserve judgement until we hear the cars next year; hopefully, whilst it will be a different noise, it will be an exciting noise that conveys what the sport is all about. Only time will tell.”

Meanwhile Ross Brawn is adamant that PR dyno recordings don’t tell the full story.

“I think we actually need to see the cars on the circuit because I don’t think a recording of a dyno cycle is actually that representative. If you listen to a V8 on the dyno it sounds nothing like it does in the car. I think we should all wait and see. It is what we have and we have to get behind it and it’s an exciting new period with these power trains.

“I think we needed to make a transition at some stage, we’re making it now, there’s no going back and I think it will be exciting for the fans but we’ll see how it sounds when we get out on the circuit. I remember the early turbo days and they seemed pretty exciting to me and we’ve had a whole range of different engines since then. I don’t think – to be honest –  that they’re been more  or less exciting than each other. Just different.”

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