Schumacher’s condition stable overnight

Michael Schumacher’s condition remained stable over Tuesday night, and there are no developments to report.

His manager and spokesperson Sabine Kehm made a brief statement outside the Grenoble hospital this morning, and stressed that there will be no formal press conferences until there is some further news.

“Michael has been carefully supervised overnight, and his condition at the moment is stable and has been stable all over the night,” she said. “That’s why we don’t feel to have the need to do a press conference, because as we told all of you we would only hold a press conference if there’s something to report.”


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4 responses to “Schumacher’s condition stable overnight

  1. GeorgeK

    A new year, new hope, and no news is good news. Come back to us all Michael.

  2. Loti

    Hardly a happy birthday! but Michael , being Michael is fighting the fight.God bless him.
    Speaking from bitter experience, this time is very hard to bear, the initial drama is over and the long wait seems to be endless, All the positives have been listed, the best hospital, the best care, the speediest evacuation, now the long slow progress back to health seems never ending.
    I wish I could be there with the tifosi to show support today but i can’t! All I can say to Corinna and Michael’s family is to stay strong and look after yourselves, there will plenty of work to do when he wakes.
    In the mean time I am running low on candles…..

  3. David

    Happy birthday and God bless, Michael, Corrina and the kids. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Don’t give in, my hero. You’re a top guy and a truly amazing racer. Keep fighting and get that 92nd win. Love ya, Schuey.

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