Mansour Ojjeh hands McLaren role to brother

Mansour Ojjeh has relinquished his role as a director of the McLaren Group. He has been replaced by his younger brother Aziz, his partner in the TAG organisation.

Ojjeh had a double lung transplant late last year after battling IPF lung disease, and thus it’s perhaps no surprise that he is cutting back on his business commitments.

A McLaren spokesman said: “Mansour Ojjeh is enjoying a period of rest and recuperation following his recent operation. For the time being, therefore, Mansour’s brother, Aziz Ojjeh, has agreed, with Mansour’s full support, to join the McLaren board on a temporary basis until such time as Mansour is fully recovered. Mansour, the Ojjeh family and TAG Holdings have a passionate love for McLaren, for motor racing and for cars in general, and Mansour intends to return to the McLaren board as soon as possible.”

Incidentally on Sunday Mansour’s close friend Michael Douglas wished him well while making an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, having won the award for best actor in a TV drama.


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2 responses to “Mansour Ojjeh hands McLaren role to brother

  1. nottherealmr.ojjeh

    realy sad to hear this, thought his condition was improving…get well soon mansour!

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