Renault validates updates with Lotus at Jerez

Renault took advantage of “promotional event” running by Lotus in Jerez to put some miles on the latest updates introduced since the manufacturer hit problems in the earlier official test at the same venue.

Lotus, who skipped that session, had two 100kms days available under the FIA sporting regulations. The first, on Friday, was wasted when the E22 did only one lap. However, the maximum distance was achieved on Saturday.

Renault Sport F1 confirmed: “The basic objectives were to support the Lotus program with a power unit configuration and operation to allow systems’ checks and basic car operation. The latest PU configuration was deployed without any reliability problems, allowing Lotus to complete the maximum amount of km permitted on a filming day.

“Updates developed in the dyno at Viry during and post-Jerez test were run. Updates included minor hardware changes, software bug fixes and calibration improvements. Preparations at the factory are ongoing for the two Bahrain tests.”

The manufacturer also noted: “We should point out that no development was pursued during the filming day as stipulated in the sporting regs, rather upgrades trialled in the dyno in Viry were validated. As usual, everyone is committed to providing performance and reliability required for normal PU operation and a fully competitive 2014 season.”

Meanwhile a Lotus spokesman said: “We finished our running before 4pm on Saturday (due to the mileage restrictions imposed on a Promotional Event). Both the chassis and the new Renault power unit ran without any major problems. Pastor settled in very quickly and is already fitting into the team nicely. The car went together well and the design and build quality is another step up on the successful E21 of 2013, we are looking forward to a full testing programme in Bahrain next week where we will start to see the potential of the new package.”


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2 responses to “Renault validates updates with Lotus at Jerez

  1. Iiro

    Does the first day count if they just did one lap? Could it be considered just a shakedown? The weather was not so good also on Friday?

  2. Mix

    Hmmm,. Renault power unit ran without any major problems. Does this mean they still had no issues or minor issues, or slightly less than major issues?

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