Alonso hoping tyre strategy will help Ferrari in race

Fernando Alonso says he’s not surprised to have qualified only seventh in Canada, despite Friday suggesting that Ferrari was in the mix with Red Bull and Williams.

“Obviously we always hope for the best and try to improve race by race,” said Alonso. “But to be honest also in the seven races of the championship we’ve been constantly in the top three on Friday, and we’ve never been in the top three in qualifying, so we know that our way to approach the weekend is a little bit different on Fridays, and we knew that it was going to be tough on qualifying. It is true that Red Bull and Williams, they’ve been surprisingly good on this circuit, and we were not fast enough.”

Alonso says he hopes to use strategy to take the fight to the cars immediately ahead.

“Probably the best thing is to study the temperatures and see which tyres work better with these temperature. Yesterday it seemed quite clear the soft was the tyre for the race, but today with the hotter temperatures the supersoft is performing quite well, so if that is the case tomorrow, we may switch to the supersoft in a race situation, and try to add one extra pitstop. But we need to do something because we need to finish in front of them.”

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