Lewis Hamilton: “It wasn’t a great lap, to be honest…”

Lewis Hamilton had to face being beaten to pole for the second race in a row after a great effort by Nico Rosbeg secured the top spot in Montreal.

Hamilton was fastest today in FP3, Q1 and Q2, but he lost out when it mattered.

“It wasn’t a great lap to be honest,” said a frustrated Hamilton. “And to be honest I really should have got the banker lap in before, a bit like in Monaco, and I didn’t. Nico did a great job today.

“Ultimately I know I have good pace here, I just didn’t do it, basically. I was behind traffic on the first lap, at the last corner, and then generally I was behind people and had to back up, so it was not the best preparation for a lap. But that’s OK, we’ve got a long race tomorrow.”

Despite his obvious disappointment Hamilton remains upbeat about his chances for the race.

“We’ve got a great car. Tomorrow’s a race between me and Nico. I think it’s strategy, we’ve really got to work on looking after the tyres, nurturing the car. I have to speak to my engineer and find out what strategy can work for me, but I’m hoping that I have a chance.”

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