Rossi’s Caterham deal comes to an end

Alexander Rossi has parted company with Caterham, putting an end to plans for him to take part in FP1 in Austin again this year.

Rossi has also left the Caterham GP2 team, although it is does not come under the same new ownership as the F1 outfit. Rossi last drove the F1 car in FP1 in Canada in June.

Speaking on Twitter, he said: “It’s been an emotional couple of years with Caterham F1. The highlight being driving with them in Austin last year. Now it’s time to move on.”


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4 responses to “Rossi’s Caterham deal comes to an end

  1. Stone the Crows

    Hope he finds a ride in F-1 in the near future.

  2. GeorgeK

    Haas F1 should leap at the chance to ink him to a contract now, so he can do development testing next year.

    He wants an “All American” team, start with a driver who has some potential.

  3. petes

    Have mixed feelings over this.

    Never did quite see him as anything other then just another bum on seat.

    On the other hand it’s horrible to watch the sponsor’s money getting squandered in this manner by teams that are plainly going nowhere.
    Yet they’re still hopefuls.

    • GeorgeK

      I believe I know what you mean. He could easily turn into another Scott Speed, but there’s always a chance he might be good. Give him a chance, not like there are dozens of American F1 hopefuls out there.

      Lots of good young American racers out there, but not sure if they have the desire or skill set to compete (on and off track) in F1.

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