Montezemolo addresses Ferrari driver speculation

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has played down suggestions of any driver changes at the Maranello team for 2015.

Fernando Alonso is rumoured to be exploring other options as he searches for a competitive package, while inevitably there are question marks over Kimi Raikkonen after his disappointing season.

“We are lucky to have two great champions, who are working with the whole team to get back to being competitive again,” Montezemolo said on the Ferrari website. “Of course, as is the case every summer, there is unfounded gossip about alleged problems with senseless rumours bandied about, such as the ones relating to Alonso’s contract or those of drivers’ salaries. We know that the summer heat always produces silly stories.

“Our drivers must now relax in order to return in top form. The season is still long and we need Fernando and Kimi to be in great shape. And on the subject of Kimi, I wish him all the best as he is soon to become a dad.”

Meanwhile do Montezemolo insisted that changes instigated by team principal Marco Mattiacci will pay off.

“We are making in-depth changes on both the organizational side, in our approach and culture. We have taken important decisions and have made significant progress, even if, at the moment, the results of all this work are not always visible. The aim is to get back to being as competitive as we were before in the shortest possible time, while at the same time putting everything in place so that we can embark on another winning cycle.

“As for our sport in general, we are pleased to see that all the major players share the views we first put forward regarding the need to revamp Formula 1. We have proposals aimed specifically at improving the show, starting with more straightforward regulations, which put the spectators first, especially the younger generation.”


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4 responses to “Montezemolo addresses Ferrari driver speculation

  1. GeorgeK

    Too late to make nice now Luca, you’ve already alienated and lost Fernando.

    Maybe you can buy Vettel out of his commitment to Red Bull.

    • Steve W

      Only problem with Vettel is that he would have to “drive” the Ferrari even more than he has to with the Red Bull.

    • anon

      Why would Vettel want to drive for a team that has consistently been less competitive than Red Bull and appears to be in a state of flux? I think that the more likely scenario is that he will simply stay put at Red Bull and focus on improving his form ahead of the 2015 season.

      Speaking of which, if you are proposing that Alonso is on his way out, the question then becomes where he could go. Red Bull already has two drivers under contract (Vettel and Ricciardo) and is in no hurry to replace them, whilst Mercedes has already extended Rosberg’s contract and looks set to extend Hamilton’s contract as well.
      Asides from Ferrari, that would probably only really leave McLaren as a potential alternative – a team that have severely underperformed for the past few years.

      • GeorgeK

        I should have put a smiley face on my Vettel comment, I was being sarcastic 🙂

        Regarding Alonso I would hope he returns to McLaren (adios Jenson, Ron loves Magnusson) or even Williams (adios Felipe), who both stand good chances of improving further, Mac with the new Honda and Willy with the Merc PU.

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