VIDEO – Nico Rosberg responds: “I prefer to just keep it internal…”

Nico Rosberg has responded via his video blog to the comments of Lewis Hamilton – by not responding.

“Definitely one of the more difficult video blogs today, the Spa race,” he said. “I’ve been told what Lewis said in the press, and the way he has stated his version of the events. All I can say is my view of the events are very different. But the thing is it’s just better that I don’t know give all the details of my opinion and things like that. I hope you respect that. I prefer to just keep it internal, you know.

“We had a very good discussion, an important discussion. When such things occur we must sit down and review them, and that’s what we did, and everybody gave his opinion, and now we need to move forward. There will be another discussion, for sure, because we need to see if we need to change our approach in the future, as we did in Hungary, and we will do that. The good thing is that we really have a great leadership in the team with Paddy and Toto, with the help of Niki, and that really is important in such situations. Therefore I’m confident that as always, we’re going to find back to our way, and then keep on fighting in Monza. On we go.”


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9 responses to “VIDEO – Nico Rosberg responds: “I prefer to just keep it internal…”

  1. Ceejay

    And Rosberg refuses Lewis’ invitation to a war of words. Lewis feeds off drama and Nico just keeps defusing it.

  2. PDQ

    Can you imagine Keke releasing a bland “video blog” like that? Basically saying nothing but at the same time carefully taking time to “thank his sponsors.” Big disconnect between his weasel words and increasing arrogance on the track.

  3. CTP

    …or making himself look more guilty…

  4. Ben Goulson


  5. AndyB

    All that emerges is that Nico is a petulant cheat, and that all his actions this year are now suspect…

  6. S adams

    He did what he did to make a point. He got away with it and the team will support him. It’s a business after all. Guess it’s gloves off from now on. Not so sure his dad would be that proud of his actions and subsequent wriggling and squirming. Man up and move on.

  7. jonti

    There’s no real story in all of this except the story that everyone is so desperate to avoid hearing.

    One of the drivers in F1 is quite happy to throw in the towel in any given race if things are not going according to his liking.

    Not only is this illegal according to FIA rules it is also cheating the paying public who are watching the race, be it at the race track, on TV or via the internet.

    It’s time FOM came clean!

  8. Esplen

    Ref the incident – that was rubbin’ and rubbin’ is racin’. The boy from Stevenage should do his talkin’ on the track.

  9. Zeph

    There really isn’t anything else he can say. The whole world saw what happened. It was a clumsy move but Lady Luck seems to favor him.

    But Hamilton needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. He is not doing himself any favors like that.

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