Verstappen has first F1 run in RB7 at Rockingham

Max Verstappen has had his first F1 outing today at Rockingham – still some 35 days short of his 17th birthday.

The Dutchman drove the Red Bull RB7 demo car, with which he will make his first public appearance at the Rotterdam street event this weekend. The car will be in Toro Rosso rather than Red Bull livery in Holland, and today’s run was mainly to get him familiar with the controls.

Verstappen has to complete 300kms of proper F1 running in order to get a superlicence that will allow him to do FP1 sessions in the current car at the end of the season.



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4 responses to “Verstappen has first F1 run in RB7 at Rockingham

  1. jo6pac

    Thanks for the info I was wondering about the super license.

  2. Rob Oliver

    I wondered what the noise was. Heard the car as I dropped my son off in nearby Corby!

  3. Chris Winter

    If he has the skills then age shouldn’t be so much of an issue. I still believe he will lock his breaks and shoot off corner one in Australia.

  4. George

    Thinking about Verstappen’s experience again, Button only had an extra year of Formula Ford compared to Max. I know it’s the age thing, but if anyone was born with the sole purpose of being an F1 driver, it was Max.

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