The real Ecclestone is back, say F1 team bosses

F1 team bosses agree that Bernie Ecclestone has bounced back after the conclusion of his inevitably distracting German court case – and they say that his return to form is good for the sport.

Ecclestone hosted a meeting of team principals at Spa on Saturday, where ‘improving the show’ formed the main part of the agenda.

“It’s great that Bernie is full time again,” said Christian Horner when asked by this writer. “F1 needs Bernie at the moment. There’s a few issues that we need to get on top of, and there’s no better person to do it than the little man himself.”

“I think what is important is stability in F1,” Toto Wolff. “I have seen a very strong Bernie coming back from the shutdown, coming back after the court case has been settled. And this is good news. Whatever the governance, whatever the management of F1 is going to be going forward, I think the shareholders and Bernie are looking very much into how it can be done best for the future of F1. For us it’s important to have a strong guy, a strong leader, and good discussions.

“I’m sure there is lots of talking behind the scenes, what’s going on in the future, but for us it is very good that Bernie is fully concentrated, back in shape, strong, and leading the organisation at this stage.”

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One response to “The real Ecclestone is back, say F1 team bosses

  1. Peter Robinson

    As a fan feel Ecclestone is a liability. Seems the teams feel the need to suck up to him all the time. Fact is his story about the payment to the German banker just does not add up, and the way he paid his way out of the court case makes it all seem even more dodgy.

    His double point initiative, undermining of the development of the new hybrid power plants with his fussing over the noise, the daft idea of three car teams, and the cock up of the muddled announcement about radio communications all show a man who cannot manage things effectively. he may be a hero for having developed the sport in years past, but time is long past when he should have bowed out gracefully.

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