McLaren line-up will be announced before end of season, says Boullier

McLaren boss Eric Boullier says that the team is still on course to announce its drivers for 2015 before the end of this season.

Meanwhile Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen remain in limbo until that decision is confirmed.

“I hope to sort out our decision and driver line-up before the end of the season,” said Boullier. “It’s true that it takes a bit more time than maybe we would have let’s say dealt with, but it’s still on course to be announced and sealed before the end of the season.”

Meanwhile Boullier accepts that life is difficult for the current drivers, and especially Button.

“I understand obviously that he may not feel comfortable, and obviously he’s concerned about his future. I’m in charge of McLaren Racing and we have to build the best for the team. Drivers are obviously very important in the discussion, and Jenson is more than considered to stay with us for the long term. But we are still investigating what we want to do with our driver line-up, once we have all the data in our hands.”

Boullier says the decision is not affected by recent good results from Jenson: “We know the value of Jenson, and we know he is a World Champion class driver, and he has been a World Champion already, so we don’t need him to deliver an extra job on track to let’s say save his job.”


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10 responses to “McLaren line-up will be announced before end of season, says Boullier

  1. Off Track

    Options options.
    Could it be Alonso is trying to keep an option with Ferrari to replace Kimi in 2016, just in case Allison produces a rocket. He Also wants a McLaren drive for 2015, but only on a year by year basis, just in case, and he wants Merc to arrange for Lewis to quit sometime before 2016 and they have to give him an option on that right now.

    A commitment to no one.
    If that is so, then it is an easy way to end up with the mistrust of everyone and zero options.

  2. CTP

    then again, this is boullier speaking… so expect any announcement to come after the end of the season.

  3. Tony Dowe

    Has anyone considered that Ferrari might just be ahead of the game?
    Just suppose that they were to “transfer” kimi to Haas F1? In a car that was the same as a factory Ferrari, just watch this space, and Kimi was a #1 again, for his last year, could work.
    I suspect that the Haas F1’s European base will be the old Ferrari workshops at Maranello, when the F1 team moves to its new, ultra modern, workshop, also across the track at Maranello.
    A 2015 Ferrari team with Vettell and Alonso might just be what the doctor ordered for Maranello. A 2015 Haas F1 team with Kimi and an American, nah, could that really happen?
    Just think of the aero work that two wind tunnels could achive, one in Italy and one in North Carolina.
    Wake me up when its over.

  4. GeorgeK

    Alonso and Vettel both stay at Ferrari for 2015, Kimi gets the boot;
    2016 Alonso and a young american, with upgraded Ferrari powe,r drive for Haas.

    Would any euro-centric top driver want to be based out of North Carolina??
    me thginks not.

    • CTP

      For the very favorable income tax rates, yes, they would want to be “based” out of NC.

      • GeorgeK

        Wasn’t even thinking of the tax benefits CTP (good point!), merely the cultural and social estrangement not to mention family. But more importantly being on hand to work with the team and building relationships.

        Michael Andretti never reached his potential as an F1 pilot due to his “fly-in/fly-out for races relationship with McLaren. I can’t see it working well going the other way either. But to be fair, Andretti had other racing interests, any current F1 driver will be more committed due to their prior understanding of the dedication required to succeed.

    • anon

      I understand that Haas has a subsidiary base of operations in Belgium from which to carry out routine maintenance work during the European leg of the season.

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