Caterham not connected to Forza Rossa project, says Kolles

Colin Kolles insists that the planned Romanian F1 team has nothing to do with Caterham, contrary to suggestions that one team might morph into another.

Kolles was advising the FRR/Forza Rossa project before he got involved in Caterham as advisor to buyers Engavest.

“The Caterham F1 issue has nothing to do with Forza Rossa or the FRR F1 team,” Kolles told this writer. “These are two different and separate matters. The problem is that some people think that this administration situation has something to do with Forza Rossa, and it does not have anything to do with it.

“CSL, with their know-how, could maybe have been utilised for a new F1 project because you cannot sell IP directly. It’s not even possible to have IP transfer from one competitor to the other, only to a limited extent.”

It’s understood that FRR has not submitted an entry for the 2015 World Championship, although there is provision in the rules for late entries.

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