More changes as Williams hones engineering line-up

Williams has reshuffled its engineering line-up as the team continues to address any weaknesses that emerged in 2014.

Felipe Massa’s erstwhile race engineer Andrew Murdoch has been promoted to the role of Senior Performance Engineer. The team says that he will “lead the Performance Group at the factory, developing new techniques and processes within the engineering team to ensure continual performance improvements are brought to both cars throughout the season. He will also remain part of the trackside team with a focus on Valtteri Bottas’s car on event.” Former McLaren man Dave Robson has joined as Massa’s new race engineer.

After 22 years as chief mechanic Carl Gaden has become Senior Car Systems Engineer, with a focus on reliability. He is replaced by Mark Pattinson, latterly number one mechanic on Massa’s car.

Explaining the changes Pat Symonds said: “Off the back of a great 2014 campaign Williams is determined to continue this positive momentum into the new season, and these recent changes show our commitment to that goal.

“We are proud to be able to promote our existing talent to help strengthen every area within our engineering team and we will continue to invest in new talent where necessary to ensure we have the support and resources to achieve our on-track ambitions throughout 2015 and beyond. Our engineering team for the coming season is looking strong, and I’m excited to get the new season underway.”


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6 responses to “More changes as Williams hones engineering line-up

  1. Peterg

    I would love to see Williams up the front as a race winner again. Prior to last seasons results, the team has not been competitive since the BMW days with Ralf S and JPM, was a decade ago!!

  2. park

    A big change to Massa’s crew

  3. Tony Dowe

    If they are changing the engineering structure, it wont be long before they change the operational structure. They always go hand-in-hand.

  4. Stone the crows

    Great things happening at Williams, it’s wonderful to read; I’m sure the increased cash flow from the good 2014 results are helping considerably.

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