Tilke upbeat on Mexico City circuit revamp

Track designer Hermann Tilke is confident that his revisions to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City will prove to be successful and will be good for spectators.

The track, which last hosted an F1 race in 1992, is being substantially rebuilt for the return of the GP on November 1. However, Tilke says he has tried to retain its character.

“There will be a new pit and paddock,” he told this writer. “But we don’t have so much space. And then after the straight we did some new corners, because this is a highlight for the spectators. We’re moving the ‘snake’, the very fast corners, to the inside. We’re almost copying it, because it was successful, but we had no safety, no run-off. And there is a big concert stadium, and we’ll lead the cars through the stadium. Of course it’s slow, but it’s for the spectators, and there will be action there.”

Meanwhile Tilke countered criticism of the layout of the Baku street track in Azerbaijan, which will join the F1 calendar in 2016. The German insists that the real circuit will be much more exciting than the map issued a few months ago might suggest, due to elevation changes and so on.

“You have to see it in three dimensions, you cannot see in those pictures. It goes really uphill to the old city, it follows the city wall from the 1200s, and it will be really exciting. It’s one hundred per cent a temporary circuit, all existing roads. We’ll refurbish some of them, but not all.

“It’s a very fast track. It’s an absolutely different challenge, and the track is different from every city track in the world. It will be different from Monaco, different from Singapore, it will be completely outstanding.”


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11 responses to “Tilke upbeat on Mexico City circuit revamp

  1. This simulation video of Baku from back in October – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LYykMFtB3Y – certainly looked pretty exciting.

  2. harry repton

    they’ve absolutely butchered the best parts of the track! was looking forward to returning but now its just another track

  3. jo6pac

    Vid of the new track

    Looks like a great track for fans

  4. Steve W

    OK, yet another classic track turned into something… well, something…

  5. DaveyM

    So they’re running the cars through a bloody baseball stadium and wasting the best corner on the entire circuit as a result? What an utter shame. I’m becoming more convinced that I might not bother with F1 this year and just enjoy the WEC.

  6. Its a pity Hermann Tilke’s idea of ‘success’ is entirely different to everyone else’s.

  7. Chris

    Spectator sight lines don’t look great especially where the stands face each other.

  8. At least it’s going to safe for the drivers; will likely end up being just a SUCKcession of slow corners and no place to overtake, sort of like A Boo Da Bee. But hey, when you got 2 Mexican boys in F1 and they, in turn, have a huge following, it’s a no brainer to come to Mexico. There’s a market for this business they call Formula Juan.

    • There isn’t two Mexican drivers anymore…

      • Yes, I know. Is this some kind of bust?

        I’m sure Farrari will let GUT out to play with their road cars to promote the race or do a roadshow in a politically incorrect V8 powered “wrong” F1 car. He’s in da background but he’s there. Sorta like McClaren having a Danish driver – Kevon is still usable for PR events, 4 sure, y’know.

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