Liuzzi a strong contender for HRT seat, says Kolles

Colin Kolles says that Tonio Liuzzi is a “strong contender” for the HRT seat as the Italian prepares to test the team’s 2010 car at Barcelona tomorrow.

HRT is obviously looking for a driver with money, and it’s not yet clear whether Liuzzi has access to any funding.

Koless said in a team statement: “As I always said our target is to get the best possible package. Tonio is a strong contender for the second seat given that he has a lot of experience in Formula One. We hope his comments and feedback will help the team to progress in the right direction”.

“I am happy to be back in a car again here in Barcelona for the upcoming test,” said Liuzzi. “Hispania Racing is a team with potential that can grow in the future and could have a good package for the season with the new car. There is still a lot to do because we are starting tomorrow with the first test, but there will be a lot to come. I am sure it will be a good day and I am looking forward to the next step”.


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2 responses to “Liuzzi a strong contender for HRT seat, says Kolles

  1. melonfarmer

    At least HRT won’t be finishing their 2011 car just before qualifying if Bahrain is cancelled… Good luck to Tonio; was Kolles still in charge at Force India when Liuzzi joined as 3rd driver?

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