Giedo van der Garde: “I’m happy that we won the case…”

Giedo van der Garde has won his arbitration case in the Supreme Court of Victoria, following a judgement by Mr Justice Croft.

The case concerned the enforcement of a judgement against Sauber that was made in the arbitration court in Geneva last week, so as such the Australian proceedings did not cover the rights and wrongs of the contract and so on.

In essence the judge dismissed Sauber’s arguments about safety as not relevant to the case.

“I’m very fit and very strong,” said the Dutchman. “I’m looking forward to going back to the team and we’ll work hard to do our best for this weekend. I’m the fittest ever, I’ve been training the last three months flat out, and I’m looking forward to going back to the team. I had a very good relationship, I still have a very good relation with the team. I’m looking forward to racing this weekend.”

Regarding the other drivers he said: “It’s up to them what they are going to do, and up to the team. It’s not my thing.

“I’m happy that we won the case, and that we stand here. Now I’m looking forward to getting back to business.”


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5 responses to “Giedo van der Garde: “I’m happy that we won the case…”

  1. Will

    Ridiculous situation.

    Giedo could at least acknowledge that he won’t be everyone’s best friend at the team now instead of talking about his “good relationship”.

    • this was adressed as well in court
      sauber had a problem with Giedo’s company ,not Giedo the person.

      and i believe them
      it proofs they live in a paper reality and lost touch with the real world
      and explains how Monica K has created this mess in the first place

  2. Huh? The flying circus is back? I’m sure it’ll go down in history books as classic F1 comedy.

    “Poor” Nassar & Eric’s Son… They’ve training hard as well! Now all we need Sutil back in the 2nd Sauber seat.

    By ze vei, which one’s not driving? Ikea man or Você Bras?

  3. GeorgeK

    Can Sauber park one car and two drivers and go racing with one car only?

    I have to believe there is some appeal process available in the Swiss court?

  4. Gerard

    And what would happen if Sauber decided to ignore the order. Can a court really force them to run him? If they did not, they may be in contempt of the city order, but what could happen to them? Would it even matter, if it was settled later.

    While they maybe liable, and should pay him if that is the case, if need be, but forcing a team to run someone they have chosen not to seems out of place. He could be a reserve or friday driver, should not the team decide?

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