Furious Ecclestone ‘fines’ Manor after cars fail to run in Australia

Bernie Ecclestone has in effect fined Manor for its failure to participate in the Australian GP weekend – despite the FIA decreeing that the team had fulfilled its obligations.

While most observers are sympathetic with Manor’s predicament – given the timescale involved – the bottom line is that there has been a battle between Bernie and the FIA over whether the team should be allowed in. The fact that it had entered just before it went into administration was the key.

As explained here on Sunday, Bernie is of the view that the team committed to properly taking part from the start of the season, and he clearly contends that the team knew some time ago that it would not be able to run the cars. Having already paid $10m to the revived team he feels he has been duped.

Indeed, one observer phrased it thus: “They bullshitted Bernie, and you don’t bullshit Bernie…”

It’s understood Bernie was seriously underwhelmed with new owner Stephen Fitzpatrick and team chairman Justin King when he realised what scenario was playing out in Australia.

As noted on Sunday, Bernie had already suggested that a fourth non-participation after the three at the end of last year would be the end of the team.

He has not gone that far – presumably because the FIA Stewards gave the team the benefit of the doubt and that legally they are seen to have participated – but he has ‘fined’ the team by making it pay the freight costs to Australia.

“We should have never ever, ever allowed Manor to do what they’ve done. It’s our fault. I predicted this would happen,” Ecclestone told Reuters.

“They had no intention of racing in Australia. Zero. They couldn’t have raced if someone had gone there with a machine gun and put it to their head. It was impossible. So they had no intention.”

Regarding the freight he said: “They are not competing so they have to pay for that.”

It’s clear that it Manor fails to take to the track in Malaysia, or fails to play by Bernie’s rules in any way, the consequences could be serious…

Meanwhile this is what I wrote before the race on Sunday: https://adamcooperf1.com/2015/03/15/could-manor-be-in-big-trouble-with-ecclestone/


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11 responses to “Furious Ecclestone ‘fines’ Manor after cars fail to run in Australia

  1. GeorgeK

    Hey Bernie, if it’s “our fault” as you say, why not fine yourself instead of picking Manor’s pocket?

    And it is never wise to bullshit the biggest bullshitter in the sport is it??

    Having said all that it’s pretty hard to conceive how Manor could have shippped cars to Melbourne without being aware the hard drives were wiped clean.

  2. proesterchen

    Given how they basically BS-ed everyone and their mother for the four days of the event, I fully support fining them and, if necessary, put them ouf of business if that needs to be done to prove the point.

    • Brian

      To whom are you proving “the point”? And that point is?

      If Manor had NOT gone to Australia, Bernie would have them bounced out of the game already. EVERYONE that Bernie wants to allow near him and his “stuff” must qualify for the “Paddock Club” and if you don’t, your s**t to him.

      Manor did what they had to do to keep the dream alive. If that means finessing Bernie by playing the “Todt card” then great. You’d think that Bernie was want people in the game who want to be there so much that they continue to put up with the bullshit, slings, and arrows that *everyone* – with Bernie leading the charge – throws at them for being “poor”.

      Vettel said it well when he pointed out (paraphrasing) that they (Manor) brought all their people, cars, motors, parts, computers, equipment, etc, to Australia and after 4 days of work were still unable to even run a motor. “maybe we’ve made things just too complicated.”

      Ya think, Seb?

      • proesterchen

        (1) To anyone who might consider such stunt in the future.
        (2) If you’re screwing with us, be prepared to pay your own ticket.

        I don’t know how this sort of behaviour hasn’t let to a major backlash in the fan base, but I guess there are enough suckers who enjoy getting played by a group bringing a rolling chassis to a motor race. :/

  3. petes

    Just another example of where the rules aren’t published Bernie makes them up as he goes. Vindictive old man.

  4. Screw Bernie. Won’t he die already??

  5. phil

    Bernie forgets he started in this sport doing deals out of a phone box asdid williams ect ,,,

  6. Stone the crows

    The master of dirty tricks and shady deals has the nerve to complain that a team was gaming his system? Even if Manor did show up with no intention of racing, (which I doubt) Bernie has no room to talk, if it weren’t for his very large bank account he’d be sitting prison.

  7. I thought the regulation was that you are allowed to miss up to three races per season? Therefore, if that’s correct, this would be the first missed race of 2015, not a fourth rolled over from 2014. Bernie’s senile as well as vindictive…

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