Bottas the man on every top F1 team’s shopping list

Valtteri Bottas continues to figure high on the shopping lists of leading teams that might be looking for a change of driver in the future.

The Finn underlined his position as the man that all team bosses are watching by holding off Sebastian Vettel in the closing laps in Bahrain, and then doing the same with Kimi Raikkonen in Spain. Despite missing the first race in Australia the Williams driver lies fifth in the World Championship, ahead of team mate Felipe Massa.

His manager Didier Coton says that while there is no substance to the recent stories linking the Finn to Ferrari it does no harm to have Bottas recognised as the man in demand.

“For a driver like Valtteri it’s a nice return on the sacrifice and commitment that he’s put into the sport and into his driving,” Coton told this writer. “It’s all positive. Frankly speaking what people call the ‘silly season’ is not on yet’, so let’s stay relaxed about it. What happened last week [with Ferrari], I don’t know where it came from. It’s a rumour, and it was launched by I don’t know who.

“Personally I consider that Williams is a top team. Valtteri is with Williams and he’s concentrating on that. We saw again in Spain that he did a great race, and we will continue to speak with them, and see after.

“Our job is to look at what he wants to achieve, and it’s our job to help him to achieve that. Sometimes it’s a long term objective, it’s not something that will happen in one year, it may happen in two years or three years. So the most important thing is to build a path to that objective, even if it takes a bit more time.”

Coton indicated that it would be wrong to assume that Bottas has no ongoing ties with Williams after this season: “I cannot go into details of contracts, but you have free agents and free agents.”


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4 responses to “Bottas the man on every top F1 team’s shopping list

  1. Off Track

    …… say his managers Coton and Hakkinen 🙂 .

    If only I had 2 managers who could plant as many stories about me in the F1 media, I too might be talked about as a must have. Yes, sounds far fetched but, if heard often enough …..

  2. Gridlock

    I assumed it was a warning shot across Kimi’s bows from somewhere near Arrivebene, but of course Valtteri isn’t going to mention that if he wants a parking space at Maranello.

  3. Faulty crustacean

    Bottas is a great driver if he could land a great car will he definitely win the WDC

  4. Jordan

    Still don’t understand why we’re hearing so much about what Bottas might do next year, but nothing on Ricciardo who will also be out of contract. DR produced better results in 2014 in a car many considered behind the Williams. Perhaps his management team just aren’t vocal enough?

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