Lynn aiming to shine in Monaco after Williams test boost

GP2 frontrunner Alex Lynn made a good impression on his first test for Williams in Barcelona last week, and the Briton subsequently had the chance to sample Monaco on the Grove team’s simulator – which was a useful boost ahead of his debut on the streets of the principality.

Lynn, who won the Sunday GP2 race in Spain, is hoping to use the his Williams test role as a springboard to an eventual race seat.

“I think it was a great first day with the team,” he told this writer. “You always go into quite confident, expecting it to go well, and I think it went as expected. We didn’t get a huge amount of laps, because we were limited on engine mileage.

“But we managed to do some stuff for Monaco and correlation for the upgrades the team brought to Barcelona. We got up to speed quite quickly, so the team could get on with their work, and I got used to driving an F1 car a bit more. All-in-all it was a really solid and very successful day.”

One of the big benefits for Williams that that Lynn does a lot of the team’s simulator running, and it was important to let him get a feel for the actual car: “It’s massively useful to be honest, because Valtteri and Felipe, with their busy schedules, don’t get a huge amount of time in the sim. Giving me some time in the real car it allows us to crack on with the nitty gritty in the simulator to try and get it as perfect as possible.”

Barcelona was the only day of track running on Lynn’s schedule, but he says he is not frustrated by that.

“It is what it is. I got my opportunity, and I’m glad I gave a good account of myself. Hopefully the team were happy. At the end of the day if I impressed them then my next time in the car shouldn’t be too far away. But at the moment my attention switches back to performing in GP2. That’s my way of, let’s say, impressing.”

Meanwhile the former Macau GP winner says that while this week will be his first experience of Monaco he’s determined to get up to speed quickly.

“It’s going to be a special first lap, that’s for sure! And probably an eye-opening one. I feel as prepared as I can be going into the weekend. I’ve done a lot of work with the team to get myself as comfortable as I can, and then it all comes down to not crashing in free practice and learning as much possible.

“I know that last year DAMS had a very good car there, so that’s one factor taken out of the equation. And then it will come down to me learning quickly and adapting. I’m not underestimating how hard it’s going to be, but I do expect to adapt quickly and make progress very quickly. That’s the aim in many ways.”

He had an extra bonus today when David Coulthard joined him for an early morning bike ride and gave him some pointers.

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